BFL 55 Results

MMA: Achilles Estremadura (2-0) vs Ryan Rohovich (4-3)

Estremadura defeated Rohovich by majority decision to win the professional lightweight title.

MMA: Jared Revel (5-2) vs TJ Koehler (3-1)

Revel defeated Koehler by knockout at 3:38 of the first round.

MMA: Ash Mashreghi (6-6) vs Nick Coughran (2-6)

Coughran defeated Mashreghi by submission, rear-naked choke, at 2:38 of the first round.

MMA: Austin Batra (3-1) vs Justin Aujla-Fieldt (3-1)

Batra defeated Aujla-Fieldt by knockout at 1:37 of the first round to win the amateur welterweight title.

MMA: Ali Wasuk (6-3) vs Mitch Strazzella (2-0)

Wasuk defeated Strazzella by unanimous decision to win the amateur featherweight title.

MMA: David Chen (1-2) vs Dion Wu (1-1)

Wu defeated Chen by unanimous decision to win the amateur flyweight title.

Muay Thai/Kickboxing: Daniel Olson vs Bruce Khademi

Khademi defeated Olson by unanimous decision.

MMA: Dean Berger (0-0) vs James Foster (1-0)

Foster defeated Berger by TKO at 4:44 of the first round.

MMA: Mike Dechavez (1-0) vs Micah Todd (0-2)

Dechavez defeated Todd by knockout at 3:13 of the first round.

MMA: Marlan Hall (2-2) vs Glen Cuevas (2-1)

Hall defeated Cuevas by unanimous decision.

MMA: Casey O’Leary (2-3) vs Amir Razavi (1-0)

O’Leary defeated Razavi by TKO at 1:34 of the first round.

MMA: Aaron Lightning (0-0) vs Kody Smith (1-2)

Smith defeated Lightning by TKO at 1:38 of the first round.

MMA: Max Wong (1-0) vs Huck Jones (0-0)

Wong and Jones fight to a draw.

Muay Thai/Kickboxing: Mitch Burke vs Omar Stefanini

Steffanini defeated Burke by unanimous decision.

Grappling: Jason Giroux vs Joe Nathan

Giroux defeated Nathan by submission in the overtime round.