Boldt Battles Hard For Decision Win, Byrne and Palomeque Dominant at Modern FC 4

With three different types of fights, MMA, boxing, and jiu-jitsu, Modern FC 4 provided a true mix of martial arts.

In the main event, hometown favourite Jesse Boldt (now 4-2) battled through adversity against the hard-hitting Travis Gervais (now 4-3) to come away with the split decision victory in Saskatoon, SK on Friday night.

In what was a back-and-forth war, Boldt said he was caught by hard shots from Gervais on multiple occasions and doesn’t remember much of the second and third rounds.

Jesse Boldt works his ground and pound on Randy Mahon at Modern FC 3. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“He clearly hits pretty hard. I remember little glimpses of the fight and I think he may have clipped me at the end of the first round, but after that I was just on auto-pilot,” said Boldt in an interview with MMA Empire.

“After the decision, I was asking my teammates and coaches if they thought it was a fair decision because the last thing I wanted was for the crowd to think the judges were biased or anything. They said it was really close; he landed the harder shots, but I think I had more control and was chipping away with kicks, and reversed him a few times on the ground.”

The win marks two in a row for Boldt in 2019 since taking a three and a half year layoff, both in main event slots.

Other than his time needed to recover physically from the fight, Boldt said he’s looking to keep the momentum rolling and would like get back at it right away, except with a little more on the line this time.

“I wanted to talk about having a belt in Modern FC. I’m 2-0 now with Modern FC, so maybe we could have a title fight and start having some champions in the organization,” said Boldt.

“That’s something I’ll be looking for in the future, but for now I’m just going to rest my face and rest my bones.”

Byrne Has Eyes on Rematch

Chris Lee Byrne (now 4-1) kicked off the MMA action with strong second round TKO win over Dan Juricic (now 1-2).

After a back-and-forth first round, Byrne was able to secure a takedown and began unleashing vicious ground and pound, which opened up a nasty cut on Juricic and forced the referee to call an end to the action.

“I really underestimated him from how he carries himself and from the old footage. In the ring, he was not the same guy I watched in his past footage,” said Byrne in an interview with MMA Empire.

“He really rose to the occasion and brought out the best in me.”

The win now gives Byrne three straight in his professional career, with the lone loss coming to Phil Towler via unanimous decision.

Byrne said he’ll be looking to get back in the cage right away after his 14-day medical suspension, and while he’s open to any fight at middleweight or higher, he’d love the opportunity to have rematch with Towler.

“Our first fight was kind of a lacklustre fight. He just kind of stayed on top of me for two rounds and didn’t really pass or do any ground and pound, and I just couldn’t submit him,” said Byrne.

“He finishes most of his opponents and I finish most of mine, so I feel we can do better. I fought him in his hometown, so I think it’d be nice for him to give me a rematch in my hometown.”

Palomeque Shows no Rust

Coming off a five-year layoff, Rafael Palomeque (now 2-1) showed no signs of rust against the more experienced  short notice replacement Drayton Angus (now 7-9), securing the rear-naked choke in the first round for the submission win.

Palomeque said he was respectful and cautious of Angus’ experience, but in the end was just happy to be able to fight after his original opponent pulled out less than two weeks away from fight night.

Rafael Palomeque
Rafael Palomeque weighs in for his Modern FC 4 bout with Drayton Angus. (Photo by Modern FC)

“I was very thankful for him accepting the fight and the promotion did a very good job getting all his medicals and everything organized for him,” said Palomeque in an interview with MMA Empire.

“There was a bit of nerves because his experience is very dangerous. I was taking it very serious and showing him the respect he deserves.”

Having only received a 14-day suspension, Palomeque said he’ll be looking to get right back in the gym and start preparing for another fight.

After such a long layoff prior to this fight, he said he’s motivated to get back in the cage again and remain active.

“I’m going to go right back into the grind. I’ve been hungry for awhile now,” said Palomeque.

“The opportunities are limitless.”

Austin Russell, Joe Alisauskas and Jared Cochrane were also victorious in other MMA action, while Myke Lee was successful in defeating Eric Wilson in a jiu-jitus matchup.

Jessica Caverly, Catlin Matheson, Shalin Steel, Sandor Baird, and Prince Jobbie del Rosario were also triumphant in amateur boxing action.

Byrne’s Shoutouts

“I’d like to thank my team Munda Jiu-JitsuAdrenaline MMA, my coaches (Chris Clement, Josh Russell, Stephen Molitor), and my sponsors (King Faisal Rehman, Black Diamond Bar and Grill, CAJ Investments Ltd., Flow X, RAM Specialized Logistics).”

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