Carriere Seeks Championship Glory in Hometown Against Mac Donald at XFFC 21

XFFC needs a new light heavyweight champion, and they’ll find it Friday night.

Grande Prairie’s own William Carriere (4-2) will battle New Waterford’s Steven Mac Donald (2-0) to determine to the new XFFC light heavyweight champion at XFFC 21 in Grande Prairie, Alta.

This will be Carriere’s second crack at the light heavyweight strap and he said winning the belt in his hometown and in front of family and friends would be a dream come true.

William Carriere
William Carriere works for the finish against Brad Robinson at XFFC 19. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“For me to get in there, do battle and become a champion in front of all the people that believe in me and support me would mean everything to me,” said Carriere.

“I dream about it every single day and I put myself through blood, sweat, tears and misery everyday to push myself harder and harder to become a monster inside that cage.”

While Mac Donald has just two professional fights on his resume, Carriere, 34, has stepped in the cage six times, two of which were against the likes of Tanner Boser and Todd Stoute.

Carriere said he’s going to be a whole new test for Mac Donald, and believes his new-found composure will be the answer.

“I’ve definitely calmed down a lot in my later years with getting in there and staying focused. I definitely feel I’m going to be a lot more calm and collected after doing it for eight years now,” said Carriere.

“I believe I’m going to be a whole new animal for him to deal with, so I think it’ll definitely be a new experience for him.”

While Mac Donald has shown to be well-rounded in his two professional bouts, Carriere said he believes he’s going to have a distinct advantage in strength and cardio.

He said many of his past opponents have commented on the level of his conditioning, and he believes it’s going to be too much for Mac Donald.

“I’m definitely going to push the pace and try to utilize those attributes towards my mixed martial arts,” said Carriere.

“I plan to set a high pace, high cardio, and high strength for sure.”

Mac Donald Confident Everywhere

Despite having only two fights, Mac Donald, 25, has already squared off with stiff competition in Kyle Francotti and Jeff Porter, coming out on top in both match-ups.

Mac Donald said he believes he’s superior to Carriere in all aspects of MMA and doesn’t see anywhere Carriere can win this fight.

Steven Mac Donald
Steven Mac Donald throws a body kick to Jeff Porter at XFFC 18. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“I’m way faster, I have better hands and I can kick him in the head anytime I want. If it does end up on the ground, I’m going to have a drastic advantage,” said Mac Donald.

“I saw his last fight and it was some pretty rudimentary s**t.”

Although originally from New Waterford, NS, Mac Donald now lives in Kelowna, B.C. and trains out of one of Canada’s top facilities in Toshido MMA.

Mac Donald said learning under David Lea and training with the likes of Matt Dwyer and Justin Doege on a daily basis will be more than enough to guide him to victory.

” I train with guys that are killers. I’m training with guys that are way better than Carriere,” said Mac Donald.

“Sometimes Friday’s at Toshido are more intense than an actual fight.”

Since having two opponents fall through at XFFC 20 for a chance at the same light heavyweight title, the desire to win has continued to mount for Mac Donald.

He said he’s hungrier than ever to become a champion and doesn’t believe Carriere is the one to stop him.

“I know he doesn’t have many good training partners and he’s a little bit one-dimensional,” said Mac Donald.

“He seemed like a nice enough fellow when I met him, but he’s just not the guy. He doesn’t have the skills.”

Carriere’s Shoutouts

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Mac Donald’s Shoutouts

“I want to thank Justin Doege, Matt Dwyer, Tyler VanKill, David Lea, and everybody else at Toshido MMA.”