Smith Defends, Revel Claims, Kajic Victorious at BFL 59

It was a great night for the hometown favourites at BFL 59.

With three title fights on the card, BFL 59 went down Saturday night at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam, B.C.

In the main event, Cole Smith (now 6-0) successfully defended his BFL bantamweight title for the second time, submitting Ty Wilson (now 5-2) by rear-naked choke in the first round.

Cole Smith
Cole Smith receives his bantamweight title belt at BFL 54. (Photo by Nelson Yeo/MMA Sucka)

“It feels great, but this is just the beginning,” said Smith in an interview.

“I’m not overly excited yet because I have a lot of work to do. It was a good fight, it was a big win, but this is just the beginning for me.”

Prior to this fight, Smith already had his sights set on a bigger organization, with this victory bringing him another step closer.

Smith said he believes he’s cemented himself as the top bantamweight in the country and the only place to go from here is one of the big shows.

“I’m hoping to move on from the local show. I think I’m the best bantamweight in Canada and the world, so I’m looking for bigger opponents right now,” said Smith.

“It’s not that the guys in the top ten here aren’t great fighters, but I need someone who’s really going to get my name out there a little more.”

Revel Receives His Gold

In the co-main event, Jared Revel (now 8-2) claimed his first-career title, submitting George Davis (now 2-2) via triangle choke in the first round.

Revel failed in his first title bout back in 2017 against Chris Anderson in disappointing fashion, and said it’s a great feeling to finally have a strap around his waist now and is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Jared Revel
Jared Revel throws a big right hand in his bout at BFL 56. (Photo by Matthew Serjeant)

“It feels really good. It’s definitely been a long time,” said Revel in an interview.

“At the end of the day, regardless if it’s for the belt or not, I just want to fight tough opponents and test myself. I’m a competitor through and through. I just like to compete, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Now being the BFL middleweight champion, Revel said he wants and is expecting a big challenge for his first defence, hopefully in the near future.

Revel mentioned Mike Rhodes as possible opponent after he said he heard Rhodes mentioned his name in an interview. While he will certainly answer the bell if Rhodes was indeed calling him out, Revel said he’s just looking for a big name.

“I’m 8-2 now, so I think it’s wise for me to take a big fight against a big name,” said Revel.

“I’ve paid my dues in this sport. I don’t think I need to be fighting people who haven’t been around for awhile. I’m hoping to fight a big name, somebody that’s been at a high level already, so I can test myself.”

Kajic Calls Out Welch

Dejan Kajic (now 10-7-2, 1 NC) drew a tough test in Dominique Smith (now 2-4), but would eventually secure a takedown early in the third round, leading to the TKO stoppage and a second straight win inside the BFL cage.

Kajic said the first round was a feeling out process for him, not knowing what to expect from a relatively unknown Smith.

Dejan Kajic after winning the BFL middleweight title at BFL 56. (Photo by Matthew Serjeant)

“I just didn’t know what to expect from him. It was so limited on the footage, so I just played it safe,” said Kajic in an interview.

“I wanted to see what his strategy was and what type of fighter he was. Is he looking to shoot? Is he looking to stand? Is he a kickboxer? Is he a muay-thai guy? The first round, especially the first two or three minutes, I just took it slow.”

Kajic is now in line for the first shot at the 175-pound title for BFL, after vacating his middleweight title to pursue a championship at his more natural weight class.

Kajic made it clear who he wants his opponent to be next, saying Tim Welch, who he defeated back in 2017 by second round submission, has been talking plenty of trash following their matchup.

“He was on a Joe Rogan podcast and mentioned that I got lucky against him, so that kind of pissed me off,” said Kajic.

“That’s the name I threw out last fight and that’s the name I’m throwing out this fight because I’d love to f$@!ing smash him again. I would really love to take his head off.”

Keanan Kellar became the BFL amateur kickboxing middleweight champion, defeating Derrick Laing by unanimous decision.

James Clarke, Amir Ghasemi, Hugh Gleeson, Kody Smith, Navid Mirzaiy, Omar Waddell, and Brodie Dabb were also victorious on the card.