Demarce Looking to Rekindle Aggressive Roots in Main Event Bout at Teofista: Fight For The Troops

Fast and furious. That’s what’s on the mind of Curtis Demarce.

Demarce (18-14) will clash with Bellator MMA veteran Darren Smith Jr. (16-10) in a 165-pound bout on Saturday night at Teofista: Fight For The Troops in Brandon, MB.

Coming off his most recent loss to Neal Anderson at Unified MMA 35, a narrow split decision defeat, Demarce, 31, said the loss taught him to revert back to his more aggressive style that brought him much success earlier in his career.

Curtis Demarce
Curtis Demarce works against the cage with Neal Anderson at Unified MMA 35. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“It made me realize even in these fights I know I can go to decisions with guys, I need to be more aggressive,” said Demarce in an interview.

“I used to bring out a lot more aggressiveness in my game and my style, and since that loss, I’ve found it again. I think I’ve got that mentality back that I used to have, and I think I ignited that fire underneath me again.”

Despite being almost a year removed from the loss to Anderson, Demarce said it’s been a rough stretch since that fight, dealing with injury after injury and not being able to step back in the cage and rebound.

And while it may have been a frustrating last 11 months, Demarce said he believes the break was exactly what he needed.

“When things went south, it kind of gave me time to adapt and focus on the areas I really needed to, and work on my technique in certain areas,” said Demarce.

“Now that I’m back, healthy and at full strength, I’m happy. I think that year really made me grow and gave me that fire again, and I think people are going to see that this weekend.”

Hometown Nerves

Although he’s lived in several cities throughout North America over the past couple years, Demarce is now back at home in Brandon, a city he’s never had the pleasure of fighting in throughout his 32-fight professional career.

While he’s excited for the opportunity to finally fight in front of his family and friends, Demarce said he’s beginning to feel a level of nerves he hasn’t felt in some time.

Curtis Demarce
Curtis Demarce in action against Neal Anderson at Unified MMA 35. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“It’s funny because my last 10 fights I’ve never had nerves; after 20 fights I kind of lost that feeling of being excited and having those butterflies before a fight,” said Demarce.

“But even a week out from this fight, I was already having those feelings again, and I think it’s just because I know I have to perform well and put on in front of my peers and friends and family in my hometown. It’s pretty exciting.”

Demarce was originally slated to face Gilberto Aguilar, who was forced out of the bout less than week one week ago, opening the door for Smith Jr. to save the main event.

But regardless of his opposition, Demarce said he’s coming off one of the best training camps he’s ever had, and is looking forward to showcase it all on Saturday night.

“This was my first full training camp in my hometown, so I’ve had a lot of help and support,” said Demarce.

“I feel I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and I’ve taken things a little more serious this time around, so I’m ready.”

Demarce’s Shoutouts

“I’d like to thank everyone that’s going to be involved in the event, and everyone that’s sponsored me.” Follow Demarce on social media: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM