Gaudet Looks to Bring Home First Title at BFL 60

Lee Gaudet has waited a long time for this opportunity.

Winnipeg’s Gaudet (5-6) will challenge current BFL lightweight champion Achilles Estremadura (3-0) for the title at BFL 60 on Saturday night in Coquitlam, B.C.

At the regional level, Gaudet, 32, said it’s not about the money for him, but more about gaining experience and bringing home a shiny new belt.

Lee Gaudet
Lee Gaudet in the ring at Modern FC 2. (Photo by Modern FC)

“It’s definitely exciting. Every fighter wants to get some sort of belt, whether it’s local, regional, or the big show. It’s cool to take home hardware,” said Gaudet.

“At our level, it’s not really about money fights. It’s about experience and what you bring home, and bringing home a belt would be friggin’ awesome.”

Gaudet is entering this fight coming off the best training camp of his life, having trained down at Team Alpha Male for one week.

He stayed in the fighter house for the entire week and had the pleasure of rolling with the likes of Urijah Faber, Clay Guida, Sage Northcutt, and Josh Emmett.

“It was a very good confidence boost to see where I actually am with all the top UFC guys,” said Gaudet.

“The training was amazing, but it was more the mental preparation that really made me feel good about it also.”

New Test For Estremadura

Standing in Gaudet’s way of the title is a young, undefeated prospect in Estremadura, who has four of his five wins by knockout, dating back to his amateur career.

Gaudet said while he’s expecting Estremadura to be a tough opponent, he doesn’t believe Estremadura has faced a true test yet.

“He looks like a very athletic, younger guy and I’m sure he’s very hungry, game, and in shape,” said Gaudet.

“Sure he’s smoking guys, but they weren’t very experienced guys or scary opponents. I feel pretty confident about the fight, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it.”

With Gaudet having 11 professional fights under his belt compared to Estremadura’s three, he said his experience edge could end up playing a factor.

Gaudet’s professional career dates all the way back to 2005 and he’s shared the cage with tough opponents in that time such as Matthew Spisak, Mike O’Neill, and Adam Hazelton.

“I’m definitely the veteran in it. I’ve been through the gritty battles,” said Gaudet.

“He’s been through one five-round fight, which I’m sure he learned a lot from, but other than that he just smoked everyone. I feel my experience is going to be the factor.”

Gaudet’s Shoutouts

“I’d like to thank all my training partners back home at Winnipeg Academy of Mixed Martial Arts (WAMMA) and my strength and conditioning gym Brickhouse Gym.”