Rumble in the Cage 58 Results

Craig Hudson (4-6) vs Jared Kilkenny (13-9)

Hudson defeated Kilkenny by TKO at 1:43 of the first round.

Lucas Neufeld (2-0) vs Nick Bell (2-1)

Neufeld defeated Bell by submission, half-guillotine choke, at 4:13 of the first round.

Sheldon Doll (5-3) vs Brad Robinson (1-3)

Doll defeated Robinson by knockout at 0:14 of the first round.

Jared Henderson (4-4) vs Josh Heinz (3-1)

Heinz defeated Henderson by submisson, rear-naked choke, at 3:55 of the first round.

Colton Cronkite (1-0) vs Matt Heim (1-7)

Cronkite defeated Heim by TKO at 1:28 of the first round.

Brett Dumas (1-2) vs Rio Gillis (2-3)

Gillis defeated Dumas by submission, rear-naked choke, at 2:39 of the first round.

Joel Odorski (2-0) vs John Moore (0-0)

Odorski defeated Moore by unanimous decision.

John Woo (1-0) vs Dale Moore (0-3)

Woo defeated Moore by TKO at 0:17 of the second round to win the heavyweight gold medal.

Lorenzo Celis (0-0-1) vs Will Woo (1-1)

Celis defeated Woo by TKO at 0:57 of the second round.

Dan Kovalchuk (3-0) vs James Nelson (5-5)

Nelson defeated Kovalchuk by submission, peruvian necktie, at 1:25 of the first round to win the middleweight gold medal.

Nick Leblanc (2-1) vs Brayden Kersey (1-3)

Leblanc defeated Kersey by unanimous decision to win the lightweight gold medal.

Albaraa Atmeh (2-1) vs Justin Grey (1-2)

Atmeh defeated Grey by submission, rear-naked choke, at 0:32 of the second round to win the featherweight gold medal.

Luqman Abdi (0-0) vs Dragos Robertson (0-0)

Robertson defeated Abdi by unanimous decision to win the flyweight gold medal.