Fighters Favourites: Submission Move

While most MMA fans love to see a highlight-reel knockout by a round kick to the head or spinning back fist, there are also many fans and fighters that appreciate a slick submission to finish a fight. And for most fighters, there’s usually one or two submissions in their arsenal they feel that extra bit more comfortable or confident when it comes locking in.

Here are the favourite submission moves of 10 MMA fighters from Alberta and B.C.:

Shane Campbell: Heel Hook

Shane Campbell Unified MMA 33
Shane Campbell in action at Unified MMA 33 (Photo by Joel Griffith).

“As I continue to grow, my favourites always change. But right now my favourite is a heel hook. It just feels so nice when I get it into position.”

Kevin Kellerman: Guillotine Choke

“It can be used to defend a takedown, or hit from almost any position in a fight.”

Sean Carroll: Kimura (From guard)

“Specifically, because one of my favourite fighters, Fedor Emelianenko, used it quite frequently against strong wrestlers.”

Neal Anderson: Triangle Choke

“I’m a lanky bastard with some long, skinny legs, so it works well for me.”

Pat Pytlik: Elbows

Pat Pytlik Unified MMA 33
Pat Pytlik battles Derek Boyle against the cage at Unified MMA 33 (Photo by Joel Griffith).

“My favourite submission is knocking the guy down on the feet and finishing him with elbows. To hell with submissions! All wins by KO or TKO.”

Justin Grey: Arm Triangle

“It’s versatile and effective, and can also be used to control an opponent while changing positions.”

Behrang Yousefi: Triangle Choke

“I once tapped out my coach with it when we used to live together. When I got him, I believed I could get anyone in the world with it.”

Ali Wasuk: Heel Hook

“It’s still in baby stages and growing so fast, and for the longest time people neglected the bottom half of the body.”

Tye Mcentire: Armbar

Tye Mcentire 2018 Nationals
Tye Mcentire works his ground game on Mike Parsons on day two of the 2018 Canadian National Amateur Championship. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“It’s a versatile submission. You can use it from the bottom or the top, and it’s especially effective against ground and pound.”

Dan Kovalchuk: Triangle Choke

“In my opinion, it’s a very strong move. It looks good from the side, and it feels amazing to have control over someone mainly with your legs.”