Predictions: FLA 2

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Felicia O-Dea-LeBlanc
Credit: O’Dea-LeBlanc’s Instragram

For FLA 2, Felicia O’Dea-LeBlanc (1-0) has stepped in to provide her predictions and analysis for the 10 MMA bouts on the card.

O’Dea-LeBlanc opened up her amateur career with a submission win over Emilie Gendron and will be looking to make her professional debut in the near future. “I wanted to give a message to all these aspiring martial artists.. If you want to be a successful athlete in this industry and break through the first barrier, sell yourselves, promote yourselves, be accessible. You never know who is watching. Set yourself up for success and invite in all opportunities to succeed.,” said O’Dea-LeBlanc.

Here are O’Dea-LeBlanc’s predictions for FLA 2:

Hank Anderson (3-2) vs. Jordan Noseworthy (3-3): AMATEUR Heavyweight Title Bout**

“Looked Anderson up and he looks like a legit beast. Sporting bloody noses like badges, reminds me of a honey badger.
Noseworthy is on a three-fight win streak himself.”

Prediction: Anderson wins via TKO in the second round.

Matt Macdonald (0-0) vs. Josh LeBlanc (1-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

“LeBlanc is super athletic, which always translates well into MMA. Always bet on the known athlete when in doubt.”

Prediction: LeBlanc wins via TKO in the first round.

Drake Farrell (1-0) vs. Mathieu Tarantini (1-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

“Now the fight I’m most looking forward to is Farrell vs. Tarantini. Both very well-rounded. Farrell is a brown belt in jiu-jitsu and I believe Tarantini is also. Both are 1-0 and both have kickboxing experience. This will likely be the most technical fight of the night.”

Prediction: Tarantini wins via unanimous decision.

Rob Logan (0-1) vs. Thomas Johnson (0-0): AMATEUR Light Heavyweight

“Logan wants to go for the knockout! Johnson is purple belt in jiu-jitstu; classic grappler vs. striker matchup and shouldn’t go the distance.”

Prediction: Logan wins via knockout.

Maria Clinton (0-0) vs. Abbie Wainwright (0-0): AMATEUR Women’s 133 pounds

“Clinton is athletic, plays hockey, and Wainwright is a jiu-jitsu blue belt and plays soccer. Both have athletic backgrounds that cross over well into MMA. I will have to go with Wainwright for being a blue belt and many years training for experience.”

Prediction: Wainwright wins via unanimous decision.

Chris Vickers (0-0) vs. Fabian Ixkes (0-0): AMATEUR Heavyweight

“Ixkes lost a lot of weight, but carries that strength over (100 pounds in 10 months). He has been training for 10 months, but no fight experience.”

Prediction: Ixkes wins via TKO in the first round.

Gordon Jewers (0-0) vs. Brett Dwyer (0-0): AMATEUR Middleweight

“Purely from athletic body shape from poster.”

Prediction: Dwyer wins via unanimous decision.

Robbie Robles (0-0) vs. Matt Harnish (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

“Robles has a boxing background and I believe a blue belt in jiu-jitsu (not 100% sure). Harnish has more of a striking background where he’s fought for kickboxing titles. He likes to throw kicks and is good at keeping range, and also a blue belt in jiu-jitsu. I am leaning towards this as pretty evenly-matched and may go the distance.”

Prediction: Harnish wins via TKO in the second round.

David Chapman (0-0) vs. Aaron Van Tassell (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

“With no prior fight experience, this one is a coin flip.”

Prediction: Van Tassell wins via unanimous decision.

Alex Thompson (0-0) vs. Anthony Sloan (0-1): AMATEUR Welterweight

“With Sloan having already made his MMA debut, the first fight jitters are out of the way for him.”

Prediction: Sloan wins via unanimous decision.