Predictions: Pallas Athena WFC 1

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Felicia O'Dea-LeBlanc
Felicia O’Dea-LeBlanc

For Pallas Athena WFC 1, Felicia O’Dea-Leblanc (1-0) has stepped in to provide her predictions and analysis for the nine MMA bouts on the card.

After an impressive submission win in her amateur debut, O’Dea-LeBlanc was set to make her professional debut at Samourai MMA 1, but the matchup never materialized. Look for her to step back in the cage at some point in 2022.

Here are O’Dea-LeBlanc’s predictions for Pallas Athena WFC 1:

Sarah Kaufman (22-5) vs. Claudia Leite (7-2): PRO Women’s Bantamweight Title Bout** FIGHT PREVIEW

“Leite has both submission and TKO finishes in her fighting career. Kaufman also tends to finish fights and has three times more fights experience under her belt.”

Prediction: Kaufman wins via TKO.

Laura Fontoura (6-0) vs. Andy Nguyen (6-9): PRO Women’s Strawweight Title Bout **

“Fontoura is a purple belt in jiu-jitstu and Nguyen is a pretty vicious striker. I would lean towards Fontoura by submission since great grappling can neutralize an aggression attacker.”

Prediction: Fontoura wins via submission.

Dakota Ditcheva (3-0) vs. Simone Da Silva (8-3): PRO Women’s 130 pounds

“Ditcheva has seven consecutive wins and a few KOs/TKOs. Da Silva has an impressive amount of fights in a boxing background, but doesn’t have the momentum of solid wins propelling her.”

Prediction: Ditcheva wins via TKO.

Melissa Croden (2-1) vs. Jackie MacLean (1-0): PRO Women’s Bantamweight CRODEN PREVIEW, MACLEAN PREVIEW

“Croden primarily wins by striking finishes, but MacLean Is coming off a win by submission.”

Prediction: Croden wins via unanimous decision.

Alana Cook (0-0) vs. Max Turcotte-Novosedlik (0-0): PRO Women’s Bantamweight

“Cook is making her debut and there’s not much footage or information out there on her. Turcotte-Novosedlik is a Golden Gloves champion and a blue belt in jiu-jitstu.”

Prediction: Turcotte-Novosedlik wins via unanimous decision.

Shawna Ram (1-0) vs. Elisandra Ferreira (4-1): PRO Women’s 108 pounds

“Ram has both knockout and submission wins while Ferreira’s wins are usually by decision. By finish rate, I give the fight to Ram.”

Prediction: Ram wins via TKO.

Maria Djukic (1-0) vs. Clara Ricignuolo (3-2): PRO Women’s Bantamweight

“Djukic is coming off a win by decision while Ricignuolo has a couple wins by TKO. I give the fight to Ricignuolo based on her ability to finish fights.”

Prediction: Ricignuolo wins via TKO.

Stephanie Essensa (2-1) vs. Manuela Marconetto (0-0): PRO Women’s Strawweight

“Essensa has submission skills with a couple finishes in her career while Marconetto is coming off a loss with no finishes in her amateur career. I give the fight to Essensa by submission based on level of experience.”

Prediction: Essensa wins via submission.

Ami Lyczewski (1-1) vs. Allyse Cotterill (0-0): AMATEUR Women’s 110 pounds