Predictions: XFFC 19

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

For XFFC 19, Tom O’Connor has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the 10 MMA bouts on the card.

On the most recent XFFC card, O’Connor improved his record to 8-1, extended his winning streak to eight, and added the XFFC featherweight title to his resume in the process. O’Connor is now one of the top featherweights/lightweights in the country, and likely in line for another big fight in the near future.

Here are O’Connor’s predictions for XFFC 19:

Michael Hill (10-4-1) vs Matt Krayco (7-7-1): Fight Preview

“If Hill can’t seriously hurt Krayco early in the fight, I think Krayco’s movement, toughness, and conditioning will start to take over, and his striking style will become a little hard for Hill to keep his timing. Eventually, I think Krayco will start to overwhelm him.”

Prediction: Krayco wins by unanimous decision.

Brad Robinson (1-4) vs William Carriere (3-2)

“I think Carriere is just going to be a little too powerful for Robinson. Eventually, Carriere will end up on top and just rain down enough blows to put him away.”

Prediction: Carriere wins by TKO in the first round.

Randy Mahon (3-4) vs Marc Savoie (2-2)

“I for sure know Mahon is putting in a ton of work and is fully dedicated to the sport now. His lifestyle has switched over now where he’s 100 per cent committed. Everything is going to be on point for Mahon.”

Prediction: Mahon wins by TKO in the third round.

William Quintal (2-1) vs Jordan Roberts (1-2)

“I think this well be fairly even fight, and should be an exciting back and forth battle.”

Prediction: Roberts wins by unanimous decision.

Luis Martinez (0-1) vs Daryl St. Rose (2-1)

“If Martinez can weather the storm early and really fight to keep his distance, and not get too caught up in the clinch or wrestling and tire out, I think he’ll be able to land a lot of good strikes on St. Rose.”

Prediction: Martinez wins by knockout in the third round.

Josh Mackenzie (0-0) vs Matt Heim (1-8) *CANCELLED – HEIM MISSED WEIGHT*

“I think Mackenzie has so many techniques, is well-rounded and can really attack from everywhere. I think Mackenzie will just be a little too much for Heim to handle.”

Prediction: Mackenzie wins by submission in the second round.

Isaiah Metituk (4-2) vs Albaraa Atmeh (3-1): Fight Preview

“I’m torn on this one; my heart and gut is telling me Metituk, but I think Atmeh wins a close one. Metituk will have probably worked a lot on his striking, but I don’t think he can quite handle Atmeh’s striking. As long as Atmeh can get back up to his feet after being taken down, I think he’ll score enough points with his striking to get the decision.”

Prediction: Atmeh wins by split decision.

Jett Grande (6-0) vs Neal Gottzmann (3-0): Fight Preview

“Grande is a tough and rugged dude, but he’s also very well-conditioned. I think he’ll be stronger in the third round than he will be in the first round, and I think he’ll put enough pressure on that he’ll eventually break Gottzmann down and catch him in a submission.”

Prediction: Grande wins by submission in the third round.

Grey Patino (6-9) vs Peter Janssen (1-1)

“I think Jansen will give Patino a lot of problems and make it a very tough fight, but in the end I think Patino will use his experience and a bit of calmness under the XFFC lights to pull out the victory.”

Prediction: Patino wins by TKO in the third round.

Sasha Butler (0-0) vs Harley King (0-0)

“I don’t know much about either of these fighters, so I’m picking King because of his last name: to be the king.”

Prediction: King wins by TKO in the second round.