Rumble in the Cage 64 Results

Feb. 18, 2023 in Lethbridge, Alta.

Lee Mein (11-17) vs. Matt Heim (1-10): PRO Heavyweight

Mein defeated Heim via knockout in the first round.

John Woo (0-0) vs. Brian Crowe (0-0): PRO Heavyweight

Crowe defeated Woo via TKO in the first round.

Josh Kitchen (5-3) vs. Colton Boxell (1-4): PRO Middleweight

Boxell defeated Kitchen via submission, kimura, in the second round.

Ben Fehr (5-4) vs. Ethan Cheung (1-1): AMATEUR Lightweight

Fehr defeated Cheung via unanimous decision.

Dee Swayn (0-0) vs. Adam Posener (1-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

Posener defeated Swayn via TKO in the first round.

Josh Fox (1-2) vs. Said Dzafic (0-1): AMATEUR 175 pounds

Fox defeated Dzafic via unanimous decision.

Kevin McCarthy (0-0) vs. Cal Kostiniuk (2-1): AMATEUR 190 pounds

Kostiniuk defeated McCarthy via TKO in the second round.

Derek Clermont (0-1) vs. Derick Perschke (0-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

Perschke defeated Clermont via TKO, tap out due to injury, in the second round.

Dan Graham (0-0) vs. Akira Kingsley (0-0): AMATEUR Heavyweight

Graham defeated KIngsley via split decision.

Dan Akre (0-0) vs. Dawson Baker (0-0): AMATEUR Lightweight

Baker defeated Akre via unanimous decision.

Kristian Hewett (1-1) vs. Yan Tun (2-0): AMATEUR 150 pounds

Hewett defeated Tun via knockout, head kick, in the first round.

Jabar Katavazi (0-1) vs. Artsiom Krukouski (0-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

Krukouski defeated Katavazi via knockout in the first round.

Alex Markett (1-0) vs. Mitch Carlson (3-6): AMATEUR 150 pounds

Markett defeated Carlson via submission in the first round.

Saeed Abi-Issa (0-0) vs. Griffin Maathuis (1-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

Abi-Issa defeated Maathuis via knockout in the first round.

Max Casimiri (0-1) vs. Rey Lee (0-0): AMATEUR 140 pounds

Casimiri defeated Lee via TKO, disqualification for illegal strike to back of head, in the second round.

Adam Brezinova (0-1) vs. Ben Landry (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

Landry defeated Brezinova via split decision.