Prestige FC 10 Results

Mark Mosure (2-0) vs Regan RunningRabbit (2-0)

Mosure defeated RunningRabbit by unanimous decision to win the amateur welterweight title.

Kate Macdonald (1-0) vs Megan Rennie (0-0)

Rennie defeated Macdonald by unanimous decision.

Thomas Deneve (2-0) vs Scott Bouchard (2-1)

Deneve defeated Bouchard by knockout at 2:20 of the first round.

Logan Heavyshields (2-1) vs Lorenzo Celis (1-0-1)

Celis defeated Heavyshields by TKO at 2:45 of the first round.

Samson Bieri (1-0) vs Skylar Sloan (0-0)

Bieri defeated Sloan by split decision.

Allan Cardinal (0-1) vs Jay Whitford (0-0)

Whitford defeated Cardinal by split decision.

Jason Cyprien vs Robert Kovacevic: Amateur Kickboxing Bout

Kovacevic defeated Cyprien by unanimous decision.