BFL 57 Results

MMA: Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels (1-0) vs Christina Ricker (0-0)

Horth Wessels defeated Ricker by TKO at 4:49 of the second round.

MMA: Austin Batra (4-1) vs Perry Hayer (5-7)

Hayer defeated Batra by disqualification, illegal Batra strikes, at 0:32 of the first round to win the amateur welterweight title.

MMA: Marlan Hall (3-2) vs Gwyn Berry (4-1)

Hall defeated Berry by submission, guillotine choke, at 1:55 of the fifth round to win the amateur featherweight title.

MMA: James Foster (2-0) vs Mike Morley (0-0)

Morley defeated Foster by unanimous decision.

MMA: Casey O’Leary (3-3) vs Brandon Labrecque (2-1)

O’Leary defeated Labrecque by unanimous decision.

MMA: Dale Russell (2-4) vs Manny Fernandez (2-1)

Fernandez defeated Russell by submission, rear-naked choke, at 2:43 of the second round.

Kickboxing: Sasha Tadayoni vs Eric Blas

Tadayoni defeated Blas by TKO at 1:49 of the second round.

MMA: Christopher Donald (0-0) vs Jason Giroux (0-0)

Donald defeated Giroux by submission, arm bar, at 2:32 of the second round.

MMA: Jordan Cabrejos (1-0-1) vs Derrick Laing (0-0)

Laing defeated Cabrejos by submission, arm bar, at 2:26 of the second round.

MMA: Mark Purdy (1-0) vs Flint Radatzke (1-0)

Purdy defeated Radatzke by submission, rear-naked choke at 1:43 of the first round.

Kickboxing: Jakob George vs Taran Bir

Bir defeated George by TKO 1:47 at of the third round to win the 135-pound kickboxing title.

Kickboxing: Hugh Gleeson vs Mitch Burke

Gleeson defeated Burke by unanimous decision.

Kickboxing: Daniel Abdenour vs David Rouanzoin

Abdenour defeated Rouanzoin by split decision.