Unified 50 – Live Results and Play-by-Play

Unified MMA makes their 2023 with their landmark 50th event tonight from the River Cree Resort and Casino in Enoch, Alberta tonight. In the main event Ryan Ford wraps up his MMA career looking for his 25th win when he defends his Super-Welterweight Title against Fay Bursell. In the co-main event, we’ll resolve some unfinished business between KB Bhullar and Curtis Millender after their last fight ended in a no-contest due to an eye poke.

The Unified MMA 50 main card can be seen live on UFC Fight Pass beginning at 10:30pm ET, but if you can’t watch, MMA Empire will have your live play-by-play all night right here.

Pro/175lbs- Ryan Ford (24-5) vs. Fay Bursell (6-2)
***Super Welterweight Title Fight
Round 1: Feeling each other out to start and Ford with a big combo against the cage. They trade some ligtle shots and a big feint by Ford. Solid body kick lands for Bursell and a leg kick. Ford gets the body lock and a big throw and he lands in side control. Ford in full control with the body lock and pins the arm and lands some ferocious shots. Bursell scrambles and Ford tries to get back control. Bursell is able to get back to his feet however hes caught in a deep guillotine choke. Bursell is able to gut it out and pull his head free. Bursell postures and lands a barrage of heavy punches before Ford looks for the armbar and kicks him off and time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Ford

Round 2: Bursell with a pair of body kicks and a hard leg kick. Bursell head kick is blocked and a front kick lands. Bursell presses and Ford lands a combo. Bursell with another strong leg kick. Ford head kick falls short and he lands a right. Big overhand by Ford but doesnt get all of it. Bursell connects and Ford responds before getting the takedown to half-guard. Bursell gets his guard back and chips away from the bottom. Ford postures and connects with an elbow and works the body. Ford working to pass and Bursell uses the opportunity to stand but Ford slams him back down to half-guard. They exchange some shots and the round comes to an end. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Bursell

Round 3: Big front kick from Ford falls short. Bursell with a nice combo and drops for the double. Bursell is able to drag him to the mat and has full mount but Ford looking to kick off the cage. Bursell stays heavy, traps an arm and lands. Ford able to kick off the cage but now in turtle and eating chipping punches. Ford to his feet and looking for the double against the cage. Ford gets the back and drags him to the mat. Bursell scrambles and ends up on the back working for the neck. Bursell is able to sink the choke and Ford is forced to tap. This was supposed to be Ford’s retirement fight but in the post fight interview he says he can’t go out like that and wants one more.
Fay Bursell submits Ryan Ford by Rear Naked Choke in Round 3, 3:58
***Bursell wins Super-Welterweight Title

Pro/185lbs- KB Bhullar (11-4) vs. Curtis Millender (19-9)
Round 1: Both men feeling each other our and Bhullar lands first. Bhullar connects with a right and they’re both being cautious. High kick from Bhullar falls short and he ducks a combo from Millender. Millender throwing the oblique kick witj frequency and Bhullar just misses a head kick. Bhullar front kick to the mid-section lands. They trade lefts and Millender complaining about something. Big right and head kick land for Millender but Bhullar takes it. Lazy spinning back kick from Millender ends the round. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Millender

Round 2: They trade pawing shots and Millender lands a head kick. Bhullar lands a leg kick and a thudding body kick. Right and a head kick lands from Millender and a right behond it. Bhullar with another body kick. Bhullar connects but Millender continues to move forward. Bhullar with a leg kick and overextends with a right and Millender takes the back and drags him to the mat. Millender with control but little else. As Bhullar stands he eats a knee to the body. Bhullar back on his feet and looking forbthe single but time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Millender

Round 3: Bhullar looks to land right away and a head kick is blocked. Millender with a right and a body kick by Bhullar. Stiff jab by Millender and a punch to the body. Bhullar lands to the body and Millender answers with a right. Millender head kick is blocked and Bhullar misses the right. Nice combo to the head and body for Millender. They tie up and jockey for position against the cage. They separate and a high kick from Bhullar misses the mark. Both men trade jabs and again. Hard right from Millender connects but he doesn’t follow up. Millender presses him into the cage but Bhullar reverses and holfs that position for the final seconds. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Millender
Curtis Millender defeats KB Bhullar by Unanimous Decision

Pro/170lbs- Ramil Kamilov (4-0) vs. Lee Hagel (2-3)
Round 1: Kamilov quickly with a huge combo and leg kicks. Kamilov presses him against the cage and secures the trip. Kamilov works to pass from half-guard and chips away at the body. Kamilov has the Dagestani handcuff and lands punches. Hagel frees his hand but still on the bottom eating shots. Kamilov traps the hand again and tries to stand but Kamilov stays heavy. Kamilov traps the hand again and begins firing shots from the top. Hagel is able to slow the onslaught and gets to his feet. Kamilov takes him right back to the mat and continues the assault. Kamilov tries to lock in a choke from the front but abandons it. Hagel trying to defend but Kamilov content to chip away. Kamilov opens up and rains down elbows but Hagel is able to survive and makes it to the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-8 Kamilov

Round 2: Kamilov immediately pushes him to the cage and gets the takedown and puts his back on the cage. Kamilov in total control and has one leg laced as he fires away. Hagel throws up an armbar attempt that slows the attack of Kamilov. Kamilov yanks his arm free and settles back on top and unleashes a barrage of elbows and punches that prompt referee Andy Social to step in and call the bout.
Ramil Kamilov defeats Lee Hagel by TKO (Elbows and Punches) in Round 2, 2:16

Pro/265lbs- Jake Craig (0-0) vs. Josh Heinz (4-3)
Round 1: Craig is giving up 40lbs in his Pro debut as we get underway. Craig front kick falls short and a big right by Heinz but doesn’t get all of it. Spinning back fist from Heinz falls short and Craig with the front kick up the middle. Solid left by Craig and they clash with low kicks. Heinz with a right but doesn’t follow up. Combo and a leg kick by Craig. Craig with a hard kick to the liver that doubles over Heinz, Craig follows up with a knee to the head and referee Like Boutin has seen enough as Heinz is incapacitated from the liver kick.
Jake Craig defeats Josh Heinz by TKO (Body Kick and Knee) in Round 1, 1:51

Pro/125lbs- Tony Rojas (0-0) vs. Nico Kambasis (1-1)
Round 1: They feel each other out and finally fire leg kicks at one another. Big leg kick lands from Kambasis and Rojas answers. Kambasis fires a couple more leg kicks and looks to press Rojas against the cage. They jockey for position and Rojas lands a knee up the middle and a body kick. High kick from Kambasis misses the mark and falls short with a combo. Big leg kick from Rojas and just misses an overhand right. They trade shots against the cage before tying up. Kambasis working from the body lock but Rojas gets free. Solid leg kick turns Rojas but he recovers and lands. A big right behind the ear for Rojas and blocks a head kick. Rojas head kick is blocked but theleg kick thuds. Kambasis looks to connect against the cage but mostly defended by Rojas. Kambasis pushes him to the cage and Rojas with a flying knee as time runs out but doesn’t get all of it. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Rojas

Round 2: Kambasis presses forward and lands to open the round and Rojas with a leg kick. Kambasis fires a leg kick back and more and Rojas lands a combo to keep him at bay. Kambasis looks to drive him to the cage but Rojas reverses and gets the takedown to half-guard. Kambasis is able to get butterfly guard and control the posture. Rojas working to pass but Kambasis pops to his feet and the separate. Leg kick by Kambasis and Rojas lands a combo. They tie up on the cage and Rojas knees the thigh. They battle for position and briefly fight off the cage. Back and forth and now Kambasis looking for the takedown. They separate and Kambasis connects with a right. Rojas with a solid leg kick and . Rojas connects witghj a massive combo that stumbles Kambasis. Rojas follows up and drops him with a head kick and pounces. Rojas fires away until referee Andy Social steps in to rescue Kambasis from any further damage.
Tony Rojas defeats Nico Kambasis by TKO (Head kick and Punches) in Round 2, 3:51

Amateur/145lbs- Leo Bonin (4-2) vs. Abdel Abdelaziz (2-1)
Round 1: Bonin with a pair of leg kicks and Abdelaziz answers back. Bonin ties him up against the cage and looks to jump on the back but can’t secure the position. Abdelaziz presses him into the cage and Bonin chips away but is dragged to the mat. Abdelaziz working to pass from half-guard and takes the back and locks in a body triangle. Abdelaziz lands chipping shots and maintaining control. Bonin reverses to full guar but only seconds left, lands a couple shots and time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Abdelaziz

Round 2: Abdelaziz slips throwing a kick and Bonin pounces and gets caught in a Mir lock. Bonin is able to free himself, take the back and get a big slam but Abdelaziz pops back to his feet. They separate and jockey for position and trade knees. Abdelaziz looking to trip him but Bonin stays vertical. Bonin gets off the cage and lands a knee to the mid-section. Abdelaziz puts him back on the cage but can’t drag him to the mat. Abdelaziz finally puts his back on the mat in full guard before standing and looking to land but can’t connect. Bonin gets back to his feet and eats a right but fires back a pair of his own before the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Bonin

Round 3: Bonin lands a kick to the body and they trade punches. They tie up and land before Bonin gets a trip takedown however he gets caught in a deep guillotine. Bonin defends as long as he can but is forced to tap.
Abdel Abdelaziz submits Leo Bonin by Guillotine Choke in Round 3, 0:58

Amateur/125lbs- Gabriel Brown (2-2) vs. Justin Fernandez (3-0)
Round 1: Brown opens with a combo and a leg kick after a brief feeling out. Brown throws another combo and Fernandez answers back. Solid body kick by Brown and a right to the body. Both men trade and Brown connects with a solid combination and a nice uppercut. Fernandez ties him up against the cage and chips away before dropping for the single but can’r bring him down. Fernandez and Brown trade a few chipping shots as time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Brown

Round 2: Both men swing wildly to open the second and a solid body kick by Brown. Big swing from Brown and a slip but recovers. Fernandez presses forward for the double and lands in full guard. Brown climbing the legs high looking to set up a triangle but trapped against the cage and can’t hit the angle. Fernandez chips away with punches and working to pass. Brown to his feet and shucks Fernandez off but he’s stuck to him and presses him into the corner. Fernandez looks for the takedown but Brown rolls through but can’t get back to his feet and Fernandez lands a few shots as time runs down. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Fernandez

Round 3: Both men open quickly exchanging big shots and Fernandez gets the takedown. Brown again looking for the triangle and switches to the armbar but Fernandez is able to stack him and pull his arm free. Brown working to his feet against the cage and Fernandez looking for the single. Brown rolls and tries to scramble to his feet again. Fernandez is all over him and keeps him on the mat and works to the back and lands shots. Brown back to his feet and tries to roll out but can’t get separation and time runs out. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Fernandez
Justin Fernandez defeats Gabriel Brown by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Amateur/185lbs- Evan Seguin (1-0) vs. Parker Vandevelde (0-0)
Round 1: Vandevelde looks for the takedown off the leg kick and is able to get a suplex and lands in full guard. Seguin hammers the body and kicks him off. Seguin eats a right but gets back to his feet. They trade shots and tie up against the cage. Both men landing solid shots and connecting hard. They continue to trade and jockey for position against the cage. Seguin drops for the single but Vandevelde defends and lands and drops Seguin. Vandevelse lands a punch to the head of his downed opponent, which is not allowed in the amateur rules and referee Luke Boutin pauses and takes a point from Vandevelde. They restart and time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Vandevelde (9-9 with point deduction)

Round 2: Both men landing to the body in close and tie up against the cage. Both men connecting and they tie up and trade knees to the body. They separate and trade heavy shots before again tying up against the cage. They separate again and throw. Vandevelde presses him into the cage and Seguin fights his way off and gets the clinch. Vandevelde gets the big double leg to full guard but can’t do much with it. Seguin works back to his feet and eats a combo from Vandevelde. Front kick to the body connects for Seguin and Vandevelse ties him up and Seguin lands a couple knees up the middle as time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Vandevelde

Round 3: Vandevelde with a body shot and blocks the takedown attempt. Seguin lands a pair of knees to the body and Vandevelde ties him up against the cage. They separate but tie up again and Seguin chips away with knees. Vandevelde gets the takedown to full guard. Vandevelde to half-guard but Seguin is able to stanf briefly before he’s taken back down. Vandevelde working to pass but Seguin regains guard and rides out the round. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Vandevelde
Parker Vandevelde defeats Evan Seguin by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

Amateur/185lbs- James Thiessen (1-0) vs. Jesse Hinton (0-0)
Round 1: Thiessen opens with a kick to the body and a right from Hinton. Both men trade shots and Hinton throwing shots and chasing Thiessen around the cage. Hinton throws him to the mat but lets him back up and hammers the body. Hinton with a combo and a leg kick and another. Hinton presses him to the cage and fires away. Hinton landing at will as Thiessen backpeddles away. Hinton continues chasing him down and landing and Thiessen doing nothing but retreating and referee Andy Social steps in and calls a halt to the bout for the standing TKO.
Jesse Hinton defeats James Thiessen by TKO (Punches) in Round 1,

Amateur/130lbs- Kulbir Singh (0-1) vs. Theo Auigbelle (0-0)
Round 1: Front kick by Singh and Auigbelle answers back. Auigbelle lands to the body and Singh fires a barrage of uppercuts. Singh lands a stiff right and kick to the body. Singh connects with a right and Auigbelle lands one back. A combo connects and briefly stuns Auigbelle but he regains his composure. Singh drags him to the mat and takes the back. Singh sinks it under the chin but Auigbelle fighting the hands hard and is able to survive. Auigbelle peels the grip but Singh is right back at it. Auigbelle is again able to free himself with his family at cageside screaming encouragement and letting him know there’s only seconds left and Auigbelle survives the round. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Singh.

Round 2: Both men trading at Auigbelle lands a kick to the body. Auigbelle presses forward with a combo and blocks a body kick. Singh catches the next one and drags him to the ground. Singh stands and lets Auigbelle back to his feet. Singh catches another body kick but Auigbelle stays on his feet. Both men connect and Singh lands a combo. They tie up and Singh drags him to the mat. Auigbelle is able to get back to his feet briefly but Singh brings him back down and works for the choke once more with short time. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Singh

Round 3: Both men wing wild punches and Singh shoots for the takedown but it’s stuffed. They jockey for position against the cage and Auigbelle gets some separation and lands. Auignelle lands to the body and a kick to the body. Singh gets another takedown and works for back control but he’s too low. Auigbelle to turtle but Singh takes the back and begins to work for the choke. Auigbelle spins to guard and back to his feet. Auigbelle starts throwing but Singh is able to bring him back to the ground. Auigbelle back to his feet and they end the fight against the cage. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Singh
Kulbir Singh defeats Theo Auigbelle by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-28)

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