Fighters Favourites: Walkout Song

For most MMA fighters, the song they make the walk to the cage with is significant in some way to them. Whether it’s a childhood favourite, a song representing their home country, or simply a song to get them fired up, there’s usually a reason behind the tune.

Here’s a look at the favourite walkout songs of 10 MMA fighters from Alberta.

Riley Pequin XFFC 17
Riley Pequin squares off with Todd Vatcher at XFFC 17. (Joel Griffith)

Riley Pequin: Kane Brown – Hometown

“I just like the lyrics talking about wanting to make his hometown proud, plus the beat is great as well. Just an uplifting and positive vibe to the song.”

Randy Mahon: Jorge Quintero – 300 Violin Orchestra

“With all the madness that goes on inside a guy’s head just before he walks out, as soon as I hear this song, everything settles down and I can get calm and focused on the task at hand.”

Teddy Ash Prestige Fc 9
Teddy Ash celebrates his championship victory over Cameron Olson at Prestige FC 9. (Photo by Outlaw Film Corp.)

Teddy Ash: Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising

“This song really hits the spot with me, especially with my friend having drowned.I choose a new one every fight and each one has a different sentimental value.” 

Isaiah Metituk: Kevin Gates – Make Em’ Believe

“Coming off two straight losses, I felt this song fit perfectly that I did have to make a lot of people believe, and it got me totally in the right state of mind. Growing up a huge WWE fan, walkouts are huge for me.”

Cody Krahn XFFC 7
Cody Krahn in action against Matt Baker at XFFC 7. (Photo by Rob Trudeau)

Cody Krahn: Run the Jewels – Don’t Get Captured

“Their music has amazing beats and lots of energy, yet not overly aggressive.”

Cam Macdonald: Steve Earle – Copperhead Road

“Most of the song choices I have are meaningful. This one in particular is my favourite song since I was a child.”

Tanner Boser: Bob Dylan – Blowin’ In The Wind

“I like to be calm and cold before a fight, and it’s slow and the lyrics really get me going.”

Menad Abella Prestige FC 9
Menad Abella defeats Dejan Kajic at Prestige FC 9. (Photo by Outlaw Film Corp.)

Menad Abella: The Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

“I grew up listening to this song as a young boy. We grew up very poor and had many struggles, but through it all I always had the sport of martial arts to carry me through it.”

Dakota Ruttan: Nirvana – The Man Who Sold the World

“It’s calming to me and helps calm my nerves before a fight. Less nerves lead to less mistakes. The mental part is a huge part of fighting.”

Keegan Oliver: Ice Cube – No Vaseline

“I usually have beef with my opponent. Fighting is a conflict and it’s conflicting song to get you ready to fight.”