MFL 19 Results

July 24, 2021 in Montreal, Que.

Ramil Kamilov (6-3) vs. Charles Azoulay (2-1): AMATEUR Lightweight Title Bout**

Azoulay defeated Kamilov via unanimous decision.

Olivier Poisson (5-0) vs. Alex Gluzman (2-0): AMATEUR Featherweight Title Bout**

Poisson defeated Gluzman via split decision.

Scott Rodrigues (3-1) vs. Vince Nikiforov (2-5): AMATEUR Bantamweight

Rodrigues defeated Nikiforov via unanimous decision.

Thomas Anilowski (3-0) vs. Iliass Ait Moumen (5-3): AMATEUR Flyweight

Anilowski defeated Ait Moumen via submission, rear-naked choke, in the first round.

Jordan Tecson (0-0) vs. Martin Aronson (0-0): AMATEUR Bantamweight

Aronson defeated Tecson via unanimous decision.

Reonn McNabb vs. Ryad Hilali: AMATEUR Kickboxing

Hilali defeated McNabb via unanimous decision.

Isaiah Sharpe (1-1) vs. Luqman Abdi (1-1): AMATEUR Flyweight

Sharpe defeated Abdi via unanimous decision.

Julien Nyquill (2-0) vs. Francois Barrieau (0-0): AMATEUR 230 pounds

Barrieau defeated Nyquill via unanimous decision.

Sami Mabsout vs. Kash Doxtator: AMATEUR Muay Thai

Doxtator defeated Mabsout via unanimous decision.

Mathieu Tarantini (0-0) vs. Sasha Malo (0-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

Tarantini defeated Malo via submission, arm bar, in the first round.

Heemy Lok vs. Jeremy Hotte: AMATEUR Kickboxing

Lok defeated Hotte via knockout in the first round.

Tristan Gervais (0-0) vs. Thomas MacAulay (0-0): AMATEUR 160 pounds

Gervais defeated MacAulay via submission, arm bar, in the first round.

Darian McTavish (0-0) vs. Sean Birmingham (0-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

Birmingham defeated McTavish via knockout in the first round.

Jacob Pighin vs. Zach Canfield: AMATEUR Muay Thai

Canfield defeated Pighin via unanimous decision.

Tyler Sole (0-0) vs. Vincent Gagnon (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

Gagnon defeated Sole via knockout in the second round.

Samy Lee (0-1) vs. Matthew Paradis (0-1): AMATEUR Lightweight

Lee defeated Paradis via submission, rear-naked choke, in the second round.

Robert Burk (0-0) vs. Seb Caron (2-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

Caron defeated Burk via submission, rear-naked choke, in the first round.

Ethan Herrod (0-0) vs. Naj Parniyan (0-1): AMATEUR Featherweight

Herrod defeated Parniyan via unanimous decision.

Isabella Filippazzo vs. Tayler Gerow: AMATEUR Kickboxing

Gerow defeated Filippazzo via unanimous decision.

Tristan Gagne (0-0) vs. Upraaj Sandhu (0-0): AMATEUR Lightweight

Gagne defeated Sandhu via unanimous decision.

Michael Asiffo (0-1) vs. Olivier Rhein (0-0): AMATEUR Middleweight

Asiffo defeated Rhein via unanimous decision.

Isaac Herbert (0-0) vs. Dylan Majeste (0-0): AMATEUR Flyweight

Majeste and Herbert fight to a draw.

Blake Loxton (1-4) vs. Drew Truax (1-2): AMATEUR Featherweight

Loxton defeated Truax via TKO, ground and pound, in the first round.

Jentzen Cook (0-0) vs. Taj Gordon (0-0): AMATEUR 160 pounds

Cook defeated Gordon via unanimous decision.

Mohamed Ado vs. Brett Lewis: AMATEUR Kickboxing

Ado defeated Lewis via TKO in the third round.

Ethan Braam (0-0) vs. Keegan Chiasson (0-0): AMATEUR Bantamweight

Braam defeated Chiasson via submission, triangle choke, in the second round.

Nick Gallipoli (1-0) vs. Ara Nazarian (0-0): AMATEUR 215 pounds

Gallipoli defeated Nazarian via TKO, ground and pound, in the third round.

David Nethersole II (0-0) vs. Kevin Wilson (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

Nethersole II defeated Wilson via unanimous decision.

Bryce McEachran Scott (0-0) vs. Steve Sampaio (2-2): AMATEUR Bantamweight

Sampaio defeated McEachran Scott via submission, arm bar, in the first round.

Calen Campbell (2-1) vs. Ryan Hollenbeck (1-0-1): AMATEUR Welterweight

Hollenbeck defeated Campbell via unanimous decision.

Tyler Depelsmaeker (1-1) vs. Chester Flores (2-2): AMATEUR Lightweight

Depelsmaeker defeated Flores via unanimous decision.

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