Predictions: Rise FC 6

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Chad Anheliger
Chad Anheliger receives his bantamweight title after defeating Brady Hiestand at Rise FC 5. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

For Rise FC 6, Chad Anheliger (10-5) has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the four MMA bouts on the card.

Anheliger is the current flyweight and bantamweight champion for Rise FC and was scheduled to defend his bantamweight title on this card before testing positive for COVID-19.  Anheliger is currently riding an impressive eight-fight win streak, and is also on the doorstep of a bigger promotion.

Here are Anheliger’s predictions for Rise FC 6:

Elias Theodorou (17-3) vs. Matt Dwyer (11-7): PRO Middleweight FIGHT PREVIEWS

“Super fun fight. Both guys have big show experience and we’re really going to get to see who still has that competitive hunger. I think Dwyer can use the smaller cage to push the pace and not let Theodorou get comfortable.”

Prediction: Matt Dwyer wins via unanimous decision.

Josh Kwiatkowski (4-2) vs. Blake Sigvaldason (3-2): PRO Featherweight FIGHT PREVIEW

“This one jumped off the page to me. Great matchmaking. Sigvaldason is coming up from 135, but they will be very close in size. This one really is a toss up, but I think the grappling of Sigvaldason will get him a submission win.”

Prediction: Blake Sigvaldason wins via submission.

Sean Michael (1-0) vs. Konstantin Gaivoronskii (0-0): PRO Lightweight

“Another very even match up. We get to see who has been able to adapt their training through COVID shutdowns. Michael trains with a lot of quality grapplers and I think it will be enough to get the TKO.”

Prediction: Sean Michael wins via TKO.

Russ McCumber vs. Isaiah Metituk: PRO Featherweight

“I don’t know much about these guys. They have decent amateur experience and both are making their professional debuts. It comes down to who is taking their pro career more seriously. I think McCumber gets the TKO because of his physicality.”

Prediction: Russ McCumber wins via TKO.