Predictions: Rumble in the Cage 62

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Colton Boxell
Colton Boxell in action at Rumble in the Cage 61. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

For Rumble in the Cage 62, Colton Boxell has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the 12 MMA bouts on the card.

After making the jump to professional earlier this year, Boxell has wasted no time getting busy, having already had three bouts for a 1-2 record. Boxell locked down his first win as a professional at BTC 7: Annihilation, a first round submission win over Jeremiah Curtright. Boxell also held an impressive 5-2 record as an amateur.

Here are Boxell’s predictions for Rumble in the Cage 62:

Neil Berry (8-9) vs Anton Tokarchuk (4-2-1): PRO Light Heavyweight Title Bout** FIGHT PREVIEW

“Berry enters the ring with a record of 8-9 and all wins coming by way of stoppage. Tokarchuk, meanwhile, enters with a record of 4-2-1, with all four of his wins coming by way of strikes. I don’t expect this fight to go the distance. I believe Berry is the more well-rounded fighter and a fluid striker, while Tokarchuk appears stiff on the feet. If Berry keeps to his game-plan and maintains effective offence, he should leave with the win.”

Prediction: Berry wins by knockout in the third round.

Tim Tamaki (18-28-1) vs Chris Day (5-6): PRO Featherweight Title Bout** FIGHT PREVIEW

“Tamaki has quite the storied record with a combined total of 46 fights, and is also on a two-fight winning streak. Day is coming in having lost some momentum, suffering defeats in his last three bouts. Day is representing Toshido MMA in Kelowna, while Tamaki is fighting out of CMC in Lethbridge. Given the current trajectory of their careers, I believe Tamaki will walk away with the win.”

Prediction: Tamaki wins by submission in the third round.

**FIGHT CANCELLED DUE TO ODORSKI ILLNESS** Josh Kitchen (5-3) vs Joel Odorski (2-0, 1 NC): PRO Middleweight FIGHT PREVIEW

“Kitchen is the more experienced fighter, but is entering the cage five years after his most recent bout. Odorski is the active fighter, having just fought at the last Rumble event in April. I believe ring rust will be a factor, and Odorski will utilize his wrestling to control the action.”

Prediction: Odorski wins by unanimous decision.

Phil Towler (1-0) vs Steve Mac Donald (3-0): PRO Light Heavyweight

“Towler is a striker from Calgary, while Mac Donald is representing Toshido MMA. Towler is entering the cage after a four-year layoff, so ring rust will be a factor. Mac Donald is fresh off his last win earlier this year in March. Mac Donald is the more active fighter with two wins coming by way of decision, so I will have to give him the nod for his methodical style.”

Prediction: Mac Donald wins by unanimous decision.

Evan Piercey (2-2) vs Robert Noble (1-0): AMATEUR Lightweight

“Piercey enters with significantly more experience, making his fifth appearance as an amateur. He is representing CMC in Lethbridge, while Noble will be representing New Path MMA in Athabasca in his second appearance as an amateur, having secured a win in his first fight by knockout. Piercey’s a fighter with a quick fuse, having only been out of the first round once, with two lightning-quick stoppages on his record. It should be an exciting bout!”

Prediction: Piercey wins by knockout in the first round.

Frank Allen (0-0) vs Elliot Prestwich (0-1): AMATEUR Heavyweight

“Here’s the bout with the second Boise native, as is tradition. There’s always two fighters from the States and from the same team on these cards, and one often wins and the other often doesn’t. Given my own superstitions in the matter, I think Prestwich will take the win. I think the experience factor will come into play, and Prestwich will be hungrier for his first win.”

Prediction: Prestwich wins by unanimous decision.

Justin Grey (1-6) vs Owen Swiftwolf (1-0): AMATEUR Bantamweight

“Don’t let Grey’s record fool you. A fight is a fight and his seven amateur fights should not be discredited. Grey has a significant amount of more ring time than Swiftwolf, who is making his second appearance after winning his first in only 30 seconds. It’s a battle of the determined veteran versus the untested newcomer, and I have to believe in the power of experience.”

Prediction: Grey wins by unanimous decision.

Cam Gedak (0-0) vs Jon Norman (0-0): AMATEUR 160 pounds

“Gedak represents Estevan, SK and Norman is fighting for Scheer’s MMA. I know tough fighters come from Estevan, but Scheer’s is the much more storied and established gym. For that reason, I believe Norman will leave with the W.”

Prediction: Norman wins by submission in the first round.

Shannon Clark (0-0) vs Jennifer McEwen (0-0): AMATEUR Women’s Featherweight

“A classic battle; Lethbridge and Kelowna have a long-standing rivalry. I believe Lethbridge has come out on top more often than not, but the feud should make this one exciting nonetheless. I believe in the power of the Lethbridge hometown crowd, and for that reason I give this bout to Clark making her amateur debut.”

Prediction: Clark wins by unanimous decision.

Preston Pongracz (0-0) vs Peti Siulua (1-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

“Pongracz is making his amateur debut, while Siulua has one win by way of doctor stoppage. Pongracz is representing the Wimp 2 Warrior program, taking average people and turning them into fighters. I’m not sure if Siulua is representing one gym in the Boise area or if he trains at multiple, but we know for sure Pongracz is representing the hometown CMC. Lee Mein never fails to give his fighters stiff competition, so we’ll have to see if his fighter withers or wilts under the bright lights and the hometown Lethbridge crowd.”

Prediction: Pongracz wins by knockout in the third round.

Trevor Beall (0-0) vs Taylor McDougall (0-0): AMATEUR Lightweight

“There’s not much footage to be found from either fighter, but they are both coming from reputable gyms with solid credentials. Beall is fighting out of CMC in Lethbridge, while McDougall is representing Scheer’s MMA in Saskatoon. I have to give the hometown advantage to Beall, and here’s hoping for a competitive fight.”

Prediction: Beal wins by unanimous decision.

John Moore (2-2) vs Adam Zekry (0-0): AMATEUR Middleweight

“Moore comes into this fight with experience, while Zekry is making his amateur debut. I think Moore is the more active fighter and comes from the larger, more reputable camp, so I’d say odds on him.”

Prediction: Moore wins by knockout in the second round.

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