Predictions: Unified MMA 37

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Ramil Kamilov
Ramil Kamilov lands a stiff right hand to Kyle Wilson at XFFC 21. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

For Unified MMA 37, Ramil Kamilov has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the 10 MMA bouts on the card.

Kamilov holds an amateur record of 4-2 and is coming off a silver medalist showing at the 2019 Canadian National Amateur Championships. Kamilov is scheduled to take on Thomas Deneve (3-0) in his next fight at XFFC 22 on June 15.

Here are Kamilov’s predictions for Unified MMA 37:

Tanner Boser (15-5-1) vs Jared Kilkenny (13-10): PRO Heavyweight Title Bout** FIGHT PREVIEW

“Kilkenny looks on and off, but when he’s on he’s an absolute animal. Boser has been fighting overseas and getting good results versus good competition. I think it takes lots of mental toughness to go overseas and fight these top guys in their hometowns.”

Prediction: Boser wins by unanimous decision.

Teddy Ash (13-4) vs Neil Berry (8-8): PRO Light Heavyweight Title Bout** FIGHT PREVIEW

“Ash has been much more active in recent years, with the better results versus better competition.”

Prediction: Ash wins by TKO in the third round.

Neal Anderson (9-3) vs Craig Shintani (8-2): PRO 150 pounds FIGHT PREVIEW

“Shintani has got bombs, despite his last performance. I think he gets the late TKO here.”

Prediction: Shintani wins by TKO in the second round.

KB Bhullar (6-0) vs Cody Krahn (16-13): PRO Middleweight

“This is the most interesting fight on the card for me. Krahn is the best guy Bhullar has fought so far, but Bhullar has the motivation to get on the big show, so he will be fired up. In the end, there’s so many variables here, but I think if it goes past the first round it will be a close fight and a competition of who can dig deeper.”

Prediction: Krahn wins by split decision.

Christian Larsen (3-1) vs Tyler King (12-7): PRO Heavyweight

“King has much more experience, but has been on a slight skid the past few fights. I expect him to come out aggressive and ready to change that, and both these guys don’t really go past round one or two often. I expect Larsen to have the grappling advantage coming from Hayabusa. If he’s a Hayabusa guy and took that fight, they must have seen something in their opponent, and he’s coming in fresh.”

Prediction: Larsen wins by TKO in the second round.

Roger Alves (4-1) vs Cole Campbell (2-2): PRO Welterweight

“I see Alves’ wrestling and WSOF experience being too much for Campbell.”

Prediction: Alves wins by submission in the first round.

Gurjeet Bilkhu (4-2) vs Matt Klute (0-0): PRO Lightweight

“Both guys are the same size, despite Bilkhu fighting at featherweight previously. Klute seems dedicated and his striking seems alright, plus being from Hayabusa he will likely have the grappling on lock here. I see him making a statement.”

Prediction: Klute wins by TKO in the first round.

Jessie Atwell (2-3) vs Mitch Wiles (0-1): AMATEUR Flyweight

“Atwell has more experience and has fought previously in the Worlds, which gives him an advantage. That said, it may be more even than I think.”

Prediction: Atwell wins by submission in the third round.

Jesse Bull (3-5) vs Laine Foxton (0-1): AMATEUR 165 pounds

“Bull is the smaller guy with more experience. I think Foxton comes out hard and gasses, then Bull takes him down and taps him out.”

Prediction: Bull wins by submission in the second round.

Damian McGeary (1-0) vs Connor Funk (0-0): AMATEUR Lightweight

“McGeary had his debut seven years ago and won by knockout versus what looked like a decent opponent. Who knows how much he’s been training since, but he might be expecting to come back and for it to be the same. I think he will win this fight, but it won’t be quite the fight he expects. I think Funk will have his moments.”

Prediction: McGeary wins by unanimous decision.

Predictions brought to you Lisa McInnes of Flare Mortgage Group.