Prospect FC 14 Results

Oct. 22, 2022 in London, Ont.

Kyle Prepolec (15-8) vs. Marco Elpidio (14-6-2): PRO Lightweight

Prepolec defeated Elpidio via knockout, head kick, in the first round.

Jesse Gross (10-5) vs. Nathan Williams (13-9): PRO 150 pounds

Williams defeated Gross via unanimous decision.

Michael Imperato (10-4) vs. Edward Walls (10-8): PRO Bantamweight

Walls defeated Imperato via knockout in the first round.

Chris Lee Byrne (5-2) vs. James Foster (2-4-1): PRO Middleweight

Foster defeated Byrne via knockout, spinning back fist, in the second round.

Gino Ghalehpardaz (2-1) vs. Matt Dawson (2-3): PRO Flyweight

Ghalehpardaz defeated Dawson via unanimous decision.

Faisal Rehman (0-0) vs. Jamie Ingram (0-0): PRO Lightweight

Ingram defeated Rehman via TKO in the first round.

Gordon Cunningham (0-1) vs. Mike Guermoudi (0-0): PRO 200 pounds

Cunningham defeated Guermoudi via TKO in the second round.

Patrick MacInnis (0-1) vs. David Dawson (0-0): PRO Lightweight

MacInnis defeated Dawson via submission, rear-naked choke, in the first round.

Matt Hovorka (1-3) vs. Josh Martiniuk (0-1): PRO Featherweight

Martiniuk defeated Hovorka via submission, arm bar, in the first round.

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