Unified MMA 47 – Live Results and Play-by-Play

Unified MMA is kicking off the busiest month in their history tonight as they’re set for three events in three cities in just over two weeks. Calgary is up first, headlined by a Featherweight Title fight between defending champion Maged Hammo and the returning Justin Basra. In the co-main event Tom O’Connor takes on Devon Brock in Lightweight action.

The Unified MMA 47 main card can be seen live on UFC Fight Pass, but if you can’t watch live, MMA Empire will have your live play-by-play all night right here.

  • Knockout of the Night: Ramil Kamilov
  • Submission of the Night: Maged Hammo
  • Fight of the Night: John Nguyen vs. Diego Santos

Pro 145lbs – Maged Hammo (11-6-1) vs. Justin Basra (5-0)
***Featherweight Title Bout
Round 1: Hammo opens with a flying biody kick and catches a d’arce choke as Basra shoots in. Basra defends but Hammo takes the back and locks in the rear-naked choke. Basra guts it out and defends but Hammo is stuck to him like glue. Hammo has the body lock and lands shots. Hammo continues to work for the choke but Basra doing well to defend. Hammo is like a dog on a bone though and not letting up at all. Hammo is able to sink the choke, hide the hands and force the tap and  become the first man to defeat Basra, spoiling his long-awaited return.
Maged Hammo submits Justin Basra by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:27
***Hammo defends Featherweight Title

Pro 155lbs – Tom O’Connor (10-2) vs. Devon Brock (10-5)
Round 1: Brock sticks a jab and O’Connor with a leg kick. Brock goes to the body and an overhand right from O’Connor. Brock lands a nice counter right that briefly stumbles O’Connor but he recovers quickly. O’Connor looks to get a hold of Brock but he defends and lands. O’Connor presses forward and eats some shots. O’Connor lands a leg kick. Both men trading shots and they tie up against the cage. They clash with leg kicks and trade jabs. Brock goes to the body and O’Connor slips on a head kick attempt. O’Connor backs him to the cage and lands but Brock fights off and gets separation. O’Connor eats a right on the way in and Brock scoops up a single. O’Connor defends and they jockey for position against the cage in the final seconds. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Brock

Round 2: Brock lands to the body and a stiff right by O’Connor. Brock sticks him and O’Connor slips to the mat but pops right back up. They trade and O’Connor with a leg kick. O’Connor shoots for the double but easily stuffed by Brock. Brock connecting with some solid shots and they tie up. O’Connor gets the takedown to half-guard and lands elbows. O’Connor to side control and Brock holds on tight. Brock gets his half-gaurd back but eats some shots. O’Connor traps the far arm and lands before trying to climb up the body. O’Connor takes the back and begins to dig for the neck. Brock is able to scramble out and back to his feet. O’Connor with a combo and a leg kick and fires away against the cage. O’Connor looking for the takedown and gets it. Slides to full mount. Brock to his feet but O’Connor takes back control and drags him back to the mat. Brock to his feet but O’Connor dumps him right back down. O’Connor takes the back and lands chipping shots with short time. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 O’Connor

Round 3: O’Connor opens with the inside leg kick. O’Connor looks to land and chops at the leg. O’Connor continues to land and looks for the single. Brock defending well and O’Connor staying on it. O’Connor has the body lock and drags him to the mat. O’Connor has him flat and lands. O’Connor fires away as Brock is belly down and totally flat. Brock tries to scramble away but O’Connor stays heavy and keeps landing. Brock desperatly trying to get O’Connor off of him but keeps eating big punches and elbows and finally referee Luke Boutin stops the fight.
Tom O’Connor defeats Devon Brock by TKO (Elbows and Punches) in Round 3, 2:49

Pro 175lbs – Ali Charkie (3-1) vs. Fay Bursell (5-2)
Round 1: Massive pop for Charkie and we’re underway. Hard leg kick by Charkie and they clash. Charkie chopping at Bursell with vicious leg kicks. Flying knee by Charkie, doesn’t get all of it but gets the takedown against the cage. Charkie has the grapvine on the legs and he’s working to the back. Charkie passes to full mount and chips away. Bursell doing well to control the space and not let Charkie get off. Charkie is able to get some space and lands the elbows. Charkie still trying to advance and is able to get his arms free and chips away. Bursell still doing well to tie him up and negate the attack of Charkie. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Charkie

Round 2: Charkie with a kick to the body and shoots for the takedown. Charkie trying to pull the leg out to flatten Bursell out but he’s defending well. Charkie lands to the body and passes to half-gaurd. Charkie chips away with little punches but can’t get enough space to really open it up. Charkie with smothering control but Bursell is finally able to work back to his feet, albeit briefly as he’s drug back down. Bursell up again and Charkie knees the legs and works for a single. Bursell lands elbows and hammerfists to the body. Charkie with a low single but unable to drag Bursell back to the mat and keeps eating shots to the body. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Bursell

Round 3: They circle the cage and exchange a flurry. Bursell lands a combo and Charkie retreats and lands a leg kick. Charkie works for the single and Bursell hammers in defense. Charkie finally able to get Bursell to the mat but he’s able to work back to his feet. Charkie relentless on the takedown but paying the price as he’s eating shots from Bursell. Bursell able to work to the back and land and Charkie right back on an ankle. Bursell keeps landing to the body. Bursell almost has the crucifix and Bursell keeps chipping away. Charkie won’t give up on the single and keeps taking shots. Charkie is exhausted as Bursell fires a head kick on a separation and pushes Charkie to the mat and begins landing. Bursell is on the back landing as time runs out. Charkie has to be lifted to his feet by his corner after the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Bursell
Fay Bursell defeats Ali Charkie by Unanimous Decision

Pro 145lbs – John Nguyen (4-3) vs. Diego Santos (4-0)
Round 1: Both men looking for kicking range and Nguyen lands a pair of leg kicks. Nguyen with another low leg kick and goes up high. Santos answers back with a vicious combo and some body shots. Santos witrh a leg kick and Nguyen gives two back. Santos to the body and lands a combo again. Both men trade heavy shots and Santos looks crisp. Nguyen with the leg kick and Santos answers with a right. Inside leg kick by Nguyen and a small cut under the right eye of Santos. Nguyen connecting well now and Santos eats a stiff straight right. Nguyen lands and both men trade big rights. Nice three punch combo from Nguyen and Santos eye really swelling up now. Hard leg kick from Santos and Nguyen fires a combo. Nguyen continues to land everything his corner calls for and avoids a high kick and lands a stiff shot at the bell. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Nguyen

Round 2: Prior to the start of the round referee Luke Boutin has the doctor check on Santos right eye. We’re good to go and Nguyen lands immediately. Knee up the middle and a leg kick from Nguyen. Santos looking to land but Nguyen staying out of range. Hard right on the chin from Nguyen. Santos answers back and a big flurry to the body. Nguyen fires right back with a combo and an uppercut. Nguyen rips a vicious shot to the liver and Santos drops, Nguyen lands another hard right for good measure and Boutin has seen enough and Nguyen hands Santos his first defeat.
John Nguyen defeats Diego Santos by TKO (Body Shot and Punch) in Round 2, 1:15

Pro 155lbs – Sean Michael (3-0) vs. Ramil Kamilov (3-0)
Round 1: Kamilov sticks a jab right on the button and another. Michael lands and fakes a takedown. Overhand right and Michael gets a hold of him. Michael working for a single and gets the takedown to full guard. Michael chips away and tries to drive Kamilov towards the cage. Kamilov immediately works back to his feet and they jockey for positon against the cage, Kamilov unloads with punches and lands a massive head kick that sends Michael retreating. Michael is busted open and his left eye is almost swollen shut already. Kamilov presses forward and fires away with relentless, heavy punches and referee Andy Social mercilessly steps in to rescue Michael from any further punishment. What a finish for Kamilov in this grudge match!
Ramil Kamilov defeats Sean Michael by TKO (Head Kicks and Punches) in Round 1, 2:58

Pro 145lbs – Usman Khattak (0-0) vs. Steven Thomas (0-1)
Round 1: Khattak with a leg kick and another to start and a third echoes through the venue. Khattak drops Thomas and presses forward and lands. Big combo by Khattak and Thomas fires back. They clash with leg kicks and Khattak drops him with a thre punch combo. Khattak unloads a ferocious barrage of punches and keeps firing until referee Luke Boutin has no choice but to step in.
Usman Khattak defeats Steven Thomas by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:23

Amateur 145lbs – Leo Bonin (3-2) vs. Chris Henhawk (3-1)
Round 1: Leg kick by Bonin and they trade shots. They tie up and Henhawk with the knee to the body and works for the takedown against the cage. Bonin defends and chips away. Henhawk still working and gets the double to full guard. Bonin threatens with a triangle but Henhawk shucks it off. Bonin back to the triangle and Henhawk trying to pound his way out and is finally able to free himself. Henhawk tries to pass but Bonin sweeps him and lands. A scramble ensues and Bonin almost gets the back before time runs out. MMA Empire scores round Bonin

Round 2: Henhawk lands and Bonin answers back and gets the takedown to side control. Henhawk trying to get his guard back but Bonin slides to mount. Henhawk gives his back but Bonin can’t lock it on and goes back to mount and lands. Henhawk gives his back again and Bonin with the body triangle. Bonin chips away and tries to get an openiong for the choke. Back to full mount and lands. Henhawk again gives his back and Bonin again takes mount and lands. Henhawk gets the sweep but short time remaining and it’s too late to get the round back. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Bonin

Round 3: Henhawk with some half-hearted body kicks and Bonin answers with a big one. Henhawk controls him against the cage and looks for the single. Henhawk knees the body and Bonin gives a couple back. Henhawk to his knees and Bonin takes the back and sinks the choke. Henhawk is able to escape and get to his feet but Bonin is still on his back. Bonin drags him back down and works for the choke. Henhawk scrambles to mount and gives the back again. Henhawk finally spins to top position and Bonin back to his feet. Henhawk lands a couple but again there’s only seconds left and the fight is over. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Bonin
Leo Bonin defeats Chris Henhawk by Unanimous Decision

Amateur 165lbs – Regan Running Rabbit (2-1) vs. Derek Khosa (2-3)
Round 1: Both men come out aggressive and a pair of leg kicks by Running Rabbit. They fire away at one another and Running Rabbit pauses for a second, possibly a hand injury and Khosa looks to take advantage. Both men throwing BOMBS. Leg kick by Running Rabbit and Khosa ties him up on the cage. They battle for position and Running Rabbit controls him against the cage. Running Rabbit steps off and lands and again pushes Khosa against the cage. Running Rabbit knees the thighs and they separate. Running Rabbit ducks a shot and pushes Khosa to the mat. Running Rabbit lands a leg kick as Khosa stands and against controls him against the cage. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Running Rabbit

Round 2: Running Rabbit fired up to start the second and point at the mat. Running Rabbit opens with a spinning kick that misses. Khosa presses forward but can’t connect and Running Rabbit with the leg kicks. More leg kicks and a right from Running Rabbit. Khose connects with a right and Running Rabbit fires a couple back before tying up and controlling him on the cage. Khosa spins off and eats a body kick. Running Rabbit puts his back on the cage again and hammers the thigh. Khosa lands a big right and Running Rabbit eats it and gets the single. Khosa pops up and Running Rabbit fires away. Running Rabbit gets the back and drags him down but Khosa ties up the arm and avoids damage. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Running Rabbit

Round 3: Leg kick to start by Running Rabbit and a takedown attempt. Running Rabbit with a nice kick to the body as Khosa stumbles back. They trade leg kicks and a hard right lands by Running Rabbit. Inside leg kick by Running Rabbit and another. Superman punch lands for Running Rabbit and both men look to be tiring. Running Rabbit puts together a combo amd Khosa answers back. Khosa with a pair of solid leg kicks and Running Rabbit lands. Running Rabbit marches forward with a combo and a leg kick. Half-hearted spinning kick by Running Rabbit as time winds down. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Running Rabbit
Regan Running Rabbit defeats Derek Khosa by Unanimous Decision

Amateur 145lbs – Arman Deol (2-1) vs. Mike Roe (0-1)
Round 1: Roe with a high kick that falls short and Deol shoots for the single. Roe stuffs it but Deol pressures him against the cage and looks for the trip. Deol is able to secure the takedown to half-guard. Roe regains full guard and Deol drives him into the cage and postures up. Deol rains down heavy leather and Roe is able to slow the onslaught and pull Deol in close. Deol postures again and lands. Deol keeps firing and works to the back. Roe trying to get back to his feet and Deol wraps the arm around the neck but lands shots as time winds down. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Deol

Round 2: Roe presses forward but Deol immediately drops for the single. Roe defends valiently but Deol is able to bring him to the mat. Deol passes and secures the arm-triangle. Deol doesn’t have the best position as he’s partially blocked by the cage. Deol sticks with it and Roe holds on but only for a moment and is forced to tap as Deol must have a helluva squeeze.
Arman Deol submits Mike Roe by Arm-Triangle Choke in Round 2, 0:58

Amateur 125lbs – Justin Fernandez (2-0) vs. Jhonson Garzon (1-0)
Round 1: Front kick to the body from Garzon and a body kick lands low. A brief pause and they restart. Garzon with a leg kick and both men looking for the range. Both men connect with rights and Garzon falls just short with the high kick. Fernandez lands and shoots for the takedown. Fernandez drives him against the cage and Garzon works back to his feet. Combo and a knee to the body fron Garzon and Fernandez closes the distance and ties him up on the cage. Fernandez with the double leg and slams him to the mat. Fernandez chips away until the bell sounds. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Fernandez

Round 2: Garzon falls short with a body kick and a right and lands a head kick which is illegal in the amateur rules. Referee Luke Boutin pauses the action for a minute and they restart. Hard leg kick by Garzon and Fernandez lands a right and drives for the takedown. Fernandez dumps him and lands but Garzon is quick to work back to his feet against the cage. Garzon looks for the guillotine and knees the body. They jockey for position and Fernandez drags him back down. Fernandez passes to side control and avoids an armbar attempt. Garzon back to his feet and Fernandez trying to circle to the back. They separate and Fernandez with another double and ends the round attempting to work to the back. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Fernandez

Round 3: Kick to the body from Garzon and a leg kick. They trade shots and Garzon with a spinning back kick to the body. Fernandez with another double and works to pass in the centre of the cage. Fernandez postures and lands and Garzon gets away and tries to stand but Fernandez sticks to him and keeps him against the cage. Fernandez working to the back but Garzon keeping control of his arms. Garzon to his feet and Fernandez knees the legs. They scramble and Fernandez secures one final takedown in the last ten seconds. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Fernandez
Justin Fernandez defeats Jhonson Garzon by Split Decision

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