Maged Hammo defends once again, Tom O’Connor mounts comeback, Ramil Kamilov delivers violent finish at Unified MMA 47

Maged Hammo, Tom O'Connor
Maged Hammo (left), Tom O’Connor (right). (Photos by Joel Griffith/MMA Empire)

Unified MMA was in Calgary, Alta. for the second time this year for Unified MMA 47 on Friday night.

In the main event, Maged Hammo (now 12-6-1) wasted no time successfully defending his Unified MMA featherweight title, taking the back of Justin Basra (now 5-1) early in the first round and eventually locking in the rear-naked choke.

Hammo has now won four of his last five bouts and called on Dana White and the UFC to give him a call in his post-fight interview.

In the co-main event, Tom O’Connor (now 11-2) delivered yet another third round finish, forcing the referee to step in after some heavy ground and pound on Devon Brock (now 10-6).

O’Connor was struggling with the jab of Brock in the first round and wasn’t able to find his rhythm. He said the changes he made in between rounds paid dividends.

“I think the biggest change was realizing that rhythm he had built and the fact that I was biting on it,” said O’Connor in an interview with MMA Empire.

“He had me following his game plan, and the moment I realized it the biggest moment was just letting a bit of the edge off. You can get too emotional in here and that’s never a good thing. It’s that precipice, that moment of the right amount of intensity but not overly emotional, and that balance of it all. The biggest change was just making those little adjustments and realizing I was following his rhythm and that I had to change it.”

After suffering his first loss in May 2021 since his professional debut in 2014, O’Connor has righted the ship perfectly, going 2-0 since then.

O’Connor said he’s not married to any option next and said he will be ready for whatever opportunity presents itself.

“Any opportunity, I’m trying to stay ready for the opportunities that come,” said O’Connor.

“I love working with Unified, they’re incredible to work with. I’m just looking to keep levelling up and improving my skills, so whatever opportunities come I’m going to do my best to be prepared for them.”

In a battle of undefeated prospects, it was Ramil Kamilov (now 4-0) that delivered the goods, earning the first round TKO stoppage over Sean Michael (now 3-1) following a violent series of punches.

While he wasn’t pleased with himself for being taken down early in the round, Kamilov said the finish was only a matter of time.

“With the takedown that he got, he was able to crowd my legs, and I’m not quite sure how he did that. I’m going to have to go back and watch it a few times. Usually I have really good takedown defence, especially against the cage,” said Kamilov in an interview with MMA Empire.

“His coaches told me he has really good grappling as of late, but I’m a little bit unsatisfied with how I dealt with my takedown defence at the start, how he was able to crowd my legs and how he was able to take me down. It took a little bit longer than I would’ve liked; on the ground I was being a little too passive, but as soon as I got to the cage it was pretty easy to get back up. I feel like as soon as I got back he had used all of his energy to keep me on the ground, but I have so much experience and more experience than him in MMA, so I was able to manage my energy a little bit better. I feel like as soon as I got up and started tagging him that was the beginning of the end because he wasn’t ready for the amount of aggression I had for him.”

Now sitting at 4-0, Kamilov is nearing the territory where he could start to be catching the attention of bigger promotions.

While he’s not willing to reveal the name yet, Kamilov said he does have an opponent in mind he’d like to fight next, and would like to have a quick turnaround for that next fight.

“I’d like to have a quick comeback and I’d like to get one or two before, hopefully, the UFC comes into Alberta the second half of next year.

Fay Bursell, John Nguyen, Usman Khattak, Leo Bonin, Regan Running Rabbit, Arman Deol and Justin Fernandez were also all victorious on the card.

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