Rise FC 2 Results

Darwin Douglas (5-6) vs Greg Large (2-12): PRO Super Heavyweight

Douglas defeated Large by knockout at 2:42 of the first round.

Craig Maclean (4-2) vs Andrew Bard (2-6): PRO Bantamweight Title Bout

Maclean defeated Bard by knockout at 0:51 of the first round to win the bantamweight title.

Josh Mackenzie (0-0) vs Bryce Gougeon (0-1): PRO 175 pounds

Mackenzie defeated Gougeon by TKO, strikes, at 2:24 of the second round.

Chad Anheliger (7-5) vs Terrence Chan (4-1): PRO Flyweight Title Bout

Anheliger defeated Chan by TKO in the first round to win the flyweight title.

Grappling Finals: Brodie Dabb vs Saeid Mirzaei

Dabb defeated Mirzaei by escape time tiebreaker.

Aaron Blanchette vs Greg Nickel: AMATEUR Muay Thai

Blanchette defeated Nickel by unanimous decision.

Raphael Ouellet (1-0) vs Damon Marlow (0-0)

Marlow defeated Ouellet by unanimous decision.

Grappling Semi-Finals: Saeid Mirzaei vs Reynaldo Camacho

Mirzaei defeated Camacho by Japanese necktie.

Grappling Semi-Finals: Brodie Dabb vs Nicolas Ouellet

Dabb defeated Ouellet by heel-hook.