Z-Promotions Fight Night 9 Results

Christopher Curtis (19-5) vs Matt Dwyer (11-4): PRO Middleweight Title Bout**

Curtis defeated Dwyer by majority decision to win the middleweight title.

Suraj Bangarh vs Cody Jerome: AMATEUR Muay Thai Title Bout**

Jerome defeated Bangarh by unanimous decision to win the amateur muay thai title.

Lucas Neufeld (3-1) vs Gagan Gill (2-0): PRO Featherweight

Neufeld defeated Gill by unanimous decision.

Usman Khattak (2-2) vs Samson Bieri (2-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

Khattak defeated Bieri by unanimous decision.

Jeremy Grieve (2-0) vs Semir Ali (1-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

Ali defeated Grieve by unanimous decision.

Fred Bauer (0-1) vs Quinton Tait (3-1): AMATEUR Welterweight

Tait defeated Bauer by knockout at 2:17 of the first round.

Phil Bernarte (0-0) vs Ryan Lebedoff (0-1): AMATEUR Flyweight

Bernarte defeated Lebedoff by unanimous decision.

Luc Bernard (1-0) vs Danny Amberson (1-0): AMATEUR Flyweight

Bernard defeated Amberson by unanimous decision.