Fighters Favourites: Non-UFC Fighter

Whether they’re working their way up to the UFC, have already been in the UFC and decided to go a different route, continue to dominate the regional scene, or perhaps dominant in a different combat sport, there are plenty of talented fighters not currently fighting in MMA’s biggest promotion. While they may not be in the UFC, the below list of fighters certainly have a dedication and skill-set that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Here are the favourite non-UFC fighters of 10 local MMA fighters from Alberta and B.C.:

Mark Mosure: Rory MacDonald

Mark Mosure
Mark Mosure works his ground and pound on Regan RunningRabbit at Prestige FC 10. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“He’s a true martial artist with insane mental toughness. Honourable mention goes to Teddy Ash.”

Terrence Spina: Fedor Emelianenko

“The kid’s a beast savage. I love how he just bangs out guys, and also has a killer ground game, but just doesn’t show it. He’s feared by many, and respected by many.”

Justin Aujla-Fieldt: Rory MacDonald

“He is just so technically sound, a great strategist, and a very complete martial artist. He’s also from Kelowna, so you have to rep where you’re from.”

Keegan Oliver: Ben Askren

Keegan Oliver Hard Knocks 45
Keegan Oliver prepares to enter the cage at Hard Knocks 45. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“He’s the best welterweight in the world, and it’s embarrassing he’s not in the UFC. He finishes fights while taking little damage. He’s a very smart fighter.”

Menad Abella: Mamed Khalidov

“He’s very underrated. He’s calm and confident, but is ready to deliver you a strong finish.”

Austin Batra: Rory MacDonald

“He is a grinder. I love his technical style, and I sort of relate to it. He has the biggest heart in MMA. Lawler versus MacDonald 2 was insane, and just showed you how much heart he had.”

Mitch Strazzella: Joe Schilling

“If he’s fighting, I have to see it. He’s just an all-around bad dude. Whether it’s MMA or kickboxing, he throws down.”

Tom Deneve: Floyd Mayweather

Thomas Deneve
Thomas Deneve celebrates his victory at Prestige FC 10. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“I love his dedication and never-give-up attitude. He learns from his victories, has a crazy work ethic and amazing mentality. There’s definitely lots to learn from him to take and put into my own fighting career.”

Regan RunningRabbit: Jesse Arnett

“He has one of the most crazy will powers you’ll ever see. He knows MMA is his passion and will do anything to be the greatest.”

Nick Ghaeni: Chris “Bukwas” Anderson

“I like his character, and his walkout entrances are one of my favourites. He always puts everything on the line, and I have tons of respect for him. My other choice is Jesse Arnett. He’s an exciting, high-pace fighter who is always looking for the finish. Big Cat is the man!”