Mosure Claims Title, Deneve and Celis Remain Undefeated

There was one championship belt to be awarded at Prestige FC 10, and it went to the hometown kid.

Mark Mosure (now 3-0) used timely takedowns and punishing ground and pound to earn the unanimous decision victory and the amateur welterweight title over Regan RunningRabbit (now 2-1).

Mosure said he knew RunningRabbit was dangerous on the feet, and made sure not to get caught by the variety of strikes that were thrown his way.

Mark Mosure
Mark Mosure works his ground and pound on Regan RunningRabbit at Prestige FC 10. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“I just wanted to keep it simple and play my music louder than his music, as my coach told me,” said Mosure in an interview.

“I was able to take him down a couple of times and just grind him into the mat.”

The victory marked Mosure’s second straight on his home turf, following up his TKO victory at Prestige FC 9 just three months ago.

He said winning the belt in front of all his friends and family was a great feeling, and now he’s just itching to get back in the cage again.

“It feels pretty good. I like winning fights, and this is pretty cool,” said Mosure.

“I’d love to get back in the cage this fall for another fight.”

Deneve Continues Run of Knockouts

In the amateur lightweight division, Thomas Deneve (now 3-0) continued his first round dominance, securing the knockout victory over Scott Bouchard (now 2-2) at 2:20 of the first round.

However, the knockout wasn’t achieved in traditional fashion. Instead of scoring the knockout via strikes, Deneve used a massive slam while in Bouchard’s guard that effectively ended the contest.

Thomas Deneve
Thomas Deneve celebrates his victory at Prestige FC 10. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“I didn’t think I was going to finish it the way that I did. Not even close,” said Deneve in an interview.

“But sometimes that’s the way it goes; you have to respond to what’s happening. And that’s what I did.”

Deneve came out hard and fast right from the get-go, bombarding Bouchard with a flurry of heavy shots, and looking to continue his run of first round finishes in under 30 seconds.

Unlike Deneve’s first two opponents, Bouchard was able to weather the early storm that has traditionally been the end for Deneve’s opponents.

“I told my coach in the dressing room I was going to rush him fast, like I did. And Scott was prepared for that,” said Deneve.

“He’s a smart fighter. He was prepared for what I was going to do to him, so that’s good on him.”

Celis Takes Care of Business

In the amateur middleweight division, Lorenzo Celis (now 2-0-1) was able to keep his undefeated record intact, scoring the first round TKO victory over Logan Heavyshields (now 2-2).

While Celis was thrilled to earn the victory, he said he was grateful to just be able to fight. Heavyshields accepted the fight on less than one week’s notice after Celis’ original opponent, Sterling Michetti, was forced to withdraw.

Celis said he was pleased with his overall performance, and hopes to be back in the Prestige FC cage again in the future.

Lorenzo Celis
Lorenzo Celis celebrates his victory at Prestige FC 10. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“Even though I got booed, it’s always an honour fighting in Fort McMurray,” said Celis in an interview.

“Hopefully, after this win, they notice I’m an exciting fighter, and I always try to be exciting for the fans. I never want to be a boring fighter.”

Celis wasted no time in revealing what may be on the horizon for his next fight, naming Jordan Noseworthy as someone he wants to see across the cage next.

He said Noseworthy has pulled out of two fights with him; once at XFFC 17, and again at the 2018 National Amateur Championships, where they would’ve potentially ended up squaring off.

“It feels like he’s ducking me. I can’t really judge the guy, but I just get that feeling,” said Celis.

“Jordan Noseworthy is definitely a guy I have on my mind, and I want to knock him out.”

In other action, Megan Rennie, Samson Bieri, Jay Whitford and Robert Kovacevic were all victorious in their respective bouts.