Unified MMA 46 – Live Results and Play-by-Play

Unified MMA is back home at the River Cree Resort and Casino with arguably one of the most stacked Canadian MMA cards in recent memory. In the main event, Heavyweight finishers do battle as Christian Larsen defends his title against PFL and DWCS veteran Jamelle Jones. In the co-main event UFC veterans clash when KB Bhullar faces Curtis Millender in Middleweight action and we’ll also see a Lightweight bout between Neal Anderson and UFC veteran Brandon Jenkins.  Also on the card will be TUF veteran Michael Hill and the returning Stephen Beaumont as well as a host of fast rising prospects.

The Unified MMA 46 main card can be seen live on UFC Fight Pass, but if you can’t watch live, MMA Empire will have your live play-by-play all night right here.

  • Knockout of the Night: Brandon Jenkins
  • Submission of the Night: Jamelle Jones
  • Fight of the Night: Usman Khattak vs. Leo Bonin

Pro 265lbs – (C)Christian Larsen (7-2) vs. Jamelle Jones (12-8)
***Heavyweight Title Fight
Round 1: Both men are cautious to start and a bog right from Larsen connects. Jones lifts Larsen and slams him to the mat and works to pass. Larsen gets to his feet and Jones presses him into the cage. Larsen hammers the body and a pair of knees up the middle. Jones drags him to the mat to side control and tries to step over to mount but Larsen blocks it. Jones lands and works to the back. Jones lands and Larsen to his feet only to be slammed right back down. Jones takes the back and sinks the rear-naked choke deep. Larsen tries to peel the arms off but Jones has a vice like grip and Larsen is forced to tap.
Jamelle Jones submits Christian Larsen by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:09
***Jones captures Heavyweight Title

Pro 185lbs – KB Bhullar (11-4) vs. Curtis Millender (18-9)
Round 1: Millender first to attack but doesn’t get all of it. They trade leg kicks and Bhullar lands low. They pause the action briefly and on the restart they exchange low leg kicks. Both men trying to find their range and falling just short. Bhullar with a low leg kick and an apparent eye poke and Millender drops to his knees. The doctor is in to check on Millender. The doctor calls off the fight and we’re going to have a no contest.
KB Bhullar vs. Curtis Millender ends in a No Contest (Accidental Eye Poke) in Round 1, 1:34

Pro 170lbs – Stephen Beaumont (9-3) vs. Michael Hill (11-6-1)
Round 1: Big leg kick to start and both men with some bombs. Beaumont closes the distance and lands and a hard leg kick. Big right and another leg kick for Beaumont. Beaumont continues to throw heavy leather and connects with a huge right. Beaumont fires a combo and a pair of vicious uppercuts that drop Hill and unleashes rapid-fire punches until referee Luke Boutin steps in and calls off the fight. Impressive comeback fight for Beaumont after four years away
Stephen Beaumont defeats Michael Hill by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:12

Pro 155lbs – Neal Anderson (11-5) vs. Brandon Jenkins (15-9)
Round 1: Leg kick by Jenkins and Anderson presses forward. Jenkins lands a kick to the body and Anderson with a right. Anderson with a thudding leg kick and landsa shot to the body. Jenkins connects and Anderson answers back with a combo. Leg kick by Jenkins and misses up high. Anderson connects with a body kick and a pair of solid rights. Jenkins connects with a right behind the ear that stuns Anderson. A massive knee puts Anderson out cold and Jenkins comes flying in with a huge, unnessecary hammerfist before referee Andy Social can get between them. Scary knockout and Anderson is down for several minutes after the fight.
Brandon Jenkins defeats Neal Anderson by KO (Punch and Knee) in Round 1,

Pro 160lbs – Jett Grande (4-0-1) vs. Alex O’Neil (4-0)
Round 1: Grande with a combo and a quick takedown and O’Neil trying to stand against the fence. Grande staying heavy on him but O’Neil gets back to his feet. Grande giving him no space and they chip away at one another. They battle for position and Grande working for the single. O’Neil with a couple short shots and knee up the middle followed by some short elbows. Nice knee to the body from O’Neil but Grande controlling the position against the cage. Grande drops for a double but O’Neil stays wide and defends. Grande not giving up and knees the inside thigh and lands a few small shots. Big elbow lands from O’Neil and a couple shots. O’Neil lands a few more and referee Luke Boutin separates them. Grande is bloodies and both men exchange a solid flurry before the bell. Grande had all the control but O’Neil did some damage. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 O’Neil

Round 2: High kick from O’Neil just glances and Grande back to the cage control. Big knees up the middle by O’Neil and some short elbows and punches. O’Neil looks to crank the neck but Grande frees his head. Grande needs to start doing something with the control. O’Neil continues to chip away with elbows and punches. O’Neil with a pair of knees and again Boutin breaks them up. O’Neil with a big combo and a knee. Grande is a bloody mess and O’Neil with a kick to hte body. O’Neil sticking him with shots and stuffs a takedown attempt. O’Neil wings some big rights and connects with a glancing shot. Big combo and an uppercut from O’Neil. Grande with the takedown and O’Neil to his knees and lands several sickening elbows until the round ends. MMA Empire scores round 10-8 O’Neil

Round 3: Referee Luke Boutin has the doctor check on Grande prior to the start of the third and we’re cleared to continue. Low leg kick and a combo from O’Neil. Sticking jabs and a body kick from O’Neil. Head kick partially blocked by Grande and he looks for the takedown. O’Neil defends but he’s backed against the cage again. Short shots from O’Neil and Grande again not taking advantage of the poition. Thai clinch and knees from O’Neil and lands some shots. Another knee and Grande separates and shoots again. O’Neil still on his feet and another knee to the body and chipping punches. More of the same and a couple hard elbows before Grande drops for the legs again but can’t secure the takedown. O’Neil gets the trip and lands a couple as Grande covers up but he pops back up and presses him against the cage again. O’Neil knees the body and lands a solid elbow and one more just before the bell and Grande is wearing the crimson mask. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 O’Neil
Alex O’Neil defeats Jett Grand by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)

Pro 155lbs – Tyrell Giselbrecht (2-1) vs. Sean Michael (2-0)
Round 1: Both men looking to trade and Giselbrecht firing off leg kicks but Michael responds with a combo. Giselbrecht connects with a flurry of punches that look to briefly daze Michael. High kick blocked from Giselbrecht and again and both men trade hard shots. A brief pause as a sponsor decal is stuck to Michael’s foot. Michael catches a body kick and takes Giselbrecht to the mat but he rolls through and winds up on top. Michael working for a triangle but Giselbrecht passes to full mount. Michael controlling the posture but gets caught in a deep armbar. Michael frantically rolls away and frees himself but Giselbrecht back on top in half-guard. Giselbrecht working the body and chipping away with punches and elbows. Giselbrecht now looking for an arm-triangle but can’t getoff to the side. Giselbrecht briefly threatens with a leg lock but abandons it and Michael is able to get his guard back. Michael now threatens an armbar and lands a couple hammerfists but time runs out. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Giselbrecht

Round 2: Body kick lands from Giselbrecht to open the seconds. Michael shoots for the double, briefly defended but gets it. Giselbrecht back to his feet but right back down. Michael has the back with the hooks in and the choke looks tight but Giselbrecht is fighting the hands hard. Giselbrecht survives for a moment but Michael sticks with it and is able to force the tap.
Sean Michael submits Tyrell Giselbrecht by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:25

Amateur 145lbs – Usman Khattak (5-2) vs. Leo Bonin (3-1)
Round 1: Both men feinting and a bog right from Khattak opens the action. Khattak with a nice comb and a leg kick. Bonin with a kick to the body and Khattak lands and a leg kick. Bonin fakes and right and grabs a single but Khattak defends and gets a takedown of his own to full guard. Bonin with the knee shield but can’t get Khattak off. Khattak lands a solid right and postures up to land more. Bonin trying to control the posture and Khattak grinding his forearm in Bonins neck and chin. Bonin chips away with some shots from the bottom and eats a right as time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Khattak

Round 2: Khattak with a leg kick and Bonin fires a flurry and gets the back and the bog throw to side control. Bonin lands a few shots and takes the back with the body triangle. Bonin in danger of losing position but settles in mount after a scramble. Khattak gives up his back and Bonin works for the rear-naked choke. Bonin chips away and hammers the body in an attempt to open up the choke. Khattak to his knees and Bonin looking closer to getting the choke but Khattak doing well to fight the hands. Bonin flattens him out and rains down shots as he hears the ten-second warning. Bonin unable to generate the fight-ending power and Khattak survives the round. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Bonin

Round 3: Both men trade and Khattak with a body shot before securing the takedown to full guard. Bonin lands a stiff one from the bottom and Khattak passes to side control. Bonin trying to bridge out and is able to get back to guard. Khattak to half-guard and Bonin replaces guard again. Khattak chipping away with little shots and is able to move to side control once more. Bonin is again able to get back to guard and gets the sweep and takes the back. Khattak escapes and ends the round on top. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Khattak
Usman Khattak defeats Leo Bonin by Maority Decision (29-28, 28-28, 29-28)

Amateur 155lbs – Laine Foxton (3-1) vs. AJ Markat (1-0)
Round 1: Markat with one of the fastest takedowns of all time and settles into the guard and works the body. Foxton throws up a triangle attempt but Markat defends and lands to the body. Markat hammers the stomach but still trapped. Markat is able to free his head and escape out the back and now Foxton on a double. Markat looking for the d’arce and Foxton escapes back to his feet and stuffs another takedown attempt. Foxton lands to the body and a side kick to the body and one more kick to the body audibly connects. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Foxton

Round 2: Foxton with a leg kick and Markat lands. Foxton with a couple more leg kicks and just misses a spinning back kick. They tie up against the cage briefly before separating. Markat lands a right and Foxton still chopping at the legs. Markat ties up and looks for the takedown. Markat has the waist wrapped but Foxton is able to avoid the suplex and Markat trying to climb on the back. Markat drops and looks to to connect the hands for the double leg but Foxton defends. Markat knees the thighs and is able to drag him to the mat and takes the back but time expires. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Markat

Round 3: Markat immedialy presses him into the cage and drags Foxton to the mat. Foxton is able to pop back up but Markat is stuck to him. Foxton rolls for a leg lock but Markat avoids it and climbs up the body in the corner. Markat works to the back and Foxton back to his feet. Markat has him around the waist and sits but Foxton scrambles but now he’s stuck in a triangle. Markat looks to secure the armbar but can’t get it. It doesn’t matter as Foxton can’t escape the triangle and is forced to tap.
AJ Markat submits Laine Foxton by Triangle Choke in Round 3, 2:01

Amateur 265lbs – Jake Craig (2-0) vs. Sean Pereira (0-0)
Round 1: Craig opens with a vicious combo that stuns Pereira. Pereira fires back and Craig lands a another flurry and a body kick. Another body kick from Craig is blocked. Craig continues to land at will and connects against the cage. Pereira with an iron jaw is still on his feet espite a massive flurry. Craig lands again and sends Pereira stumbling but comes back with a leg kick. Craig connects with a right and a thudding body kick. Craig with an uppercut and Pereira fights off the cage. Huge right lands and again Pereira takes it. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Craig.

Round 2: Craig with an uppercut to the body and a right. Pereira connects but Craig lands a pair of his own. Craig lands again and each shot stuns Pereira but he wont go down. Craig with a body shot and Pereira lets out an audible grunt. Craig lands another flurry but Pereira has a chin. Pereira bloodied now and Craig lands and ties him up against the cage. Craig lands knees to the thigh and good head pressure. They separate and Pereira throws but Craig is able to stay out of range. Hard left lands on the forehead of Pereira and a couple more before the end of the round. MMA Empire scores round 10-9 Craig

Round 3: At the start of the round referee Luke Boutin has the doctor check on Pereira. We’re good to go and the third round gets underway with a touch of the gloves. Combo for Craig but he does’t get all of it. Both men swing and Pereira gets the better of the exchange but Craig answers right back. Both men connect and Craig backs him to the cage. Hard right from Craig and a brief clinch. Craig throws a flurry against the cage and fires away but Pereira survives again and gets separation. Craig lands a hard kick to the body. Craig with another combo and a barrage of countless uppercuts. Pereira is surviving but this can be stopped at any time. Referee Luke Boutin mercilessly steps in finally and calls a halt to the bout as Pereira is too tough for his own good.
Jake Craig defeats Sean Pereira by TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 2:47

Amateur 125lbs – Gabriel Brown (0-2) vs. Edwin Ssekibuule (0-0)
Round 1: After a brief feeling out period Ssekibuule with a leg kick and Brown answers with a front kick to the mid-section. Brown lands an inside leg kick and checks a kick from Ssekibuule. Ssekibuule looks to land and Brown connects with one of his own. Both men connect and Ssekibuule gets the better of the exchange. Brown lands and Ssekibuule fires back a leg kick. They tie up against the cage and Brown works for the takedown but Ssekibuule defends. Brown with a one-two and a body kick. Ssekibuule presses forward in the dying seconds and Brown scores a takedown at the bell. MMA Empire scores the round 10-9 Brown

Round 2: Ssekibuule lands a couple of legs kicks and Brown lands a body kick but Ssekibuule catches it and lands a hard shot. They jockey for position against the cage and Ssekibuule scoops him up and gets the takedown to full guard. Brown doing well to control the posture and Ssekibuule works the body. Brown looking to lock in a triangle choke. Brown stuck against the fence and can’t get the angle. Ssekibuule gutting it out and survives the round after being stuck for almost a minute. MMA Empire scores the round 10-9 Brown

Round 3: Both men connect with stiff shots and a leg kick is checked by Brown. Inside leg kick lands for Ssekibuule. Brown connects with an overhand right. Ssekibuule with a leg kick and Brown connects again. Leg kick and a right from Ssekibuule and another leg kick. Ssekibuule presses forward and Brown gets the takedown. Ssekibuule tries to turn to get back to his feet and Brown jumps on the back. Ssekibuule is able to shuck him off and ends up in guard. Ssekibuule stands and allows Brown to his feet. Combo and a leg kick from Brown is met by a right from Ssekibuule. Brown drives hard for the takedown, Ssekibuule briefly stuffs it but Brown is relentless and gets it to half guard right as the round ends. MMA Empire scores the round 10-9 Brown
Gabriel Brown defeats Edwin Ssekibuule by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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