Predictions: BFL 60

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Cole Smith
Cole Smith receives his bantamweight title belt at BFL 54. (Photo by Nelson Yeo/MMA Sucka)

For BFL 60, Cole Smith has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the 11 MMA bouts on the card.

Smith holds an unblemished 6-0 professional record and is  one of the top bantamweights in Canada knocking on the UFC’s doorstep. His most recent win came at BFL 59 where he defended his bantamweight title by submitting Ty Wilson in the first round.

Here are Smith’s predictions for BFL 60:

Achilles Estremadura (3-0) vs Lee Gaudet (5-6): Lightweight Title Bout** FIGHT PREVIEW

“Estremadura is one of the best athletes around. He’s very difficult to take down and has very good boxing.”

Prediction: Estremadura wins by knockout in the second round.

Caio Machado (1-1-1) vs Dalton Duperreault (0-0): FIGHT PREVIEW

“Duperreault hits like a truck. He went 5-0 as an amateur with three of those wins coming by knockout in the first round.”

Prediction: Duperreault wins by knockout in the second round.

Ali Wasuk (0-0) vs Kirk Tse (0-0)

“Tse made huge moves by changing camps for this fight. I think that will play a factor.”

Prediction: Tse wins by unanimous decision.

Tylor Nicholson (0-3) vs Louie Grover (1-4)

“Both guys will be hungry for a win. Nicholson comes from a good gym in Titan MMA, which will be the difference in this one.”

Prediction: Nicholson wins by submission in the second round.

Marlan Hall (9-3) vs Casey O’Leary (4-3): Amateur Featherweight Title Bout** FIGHT PREVIEW

“I think O’Leary is going to come prepared and I think he’s going to be very difficult to finish, but Hall is just too well-rounded.”

Prediction: Hall wins by split decision.

Indroop Virk (3-0) vs Tae Heon Kim (0-2)

“Virk is the strongest amateur I’ve ever rolled with. He’s too big and too strong. He’s going to big brother Kim. He’s going to take him down and beat him like he’s his little brother. He’s the top-ranked flyweight in Western Canada for a reason.”

Prediction: Virk wins by submission in the third round.

Matt Lepper (3-1) vs Nicolas Ouellet (0-0)

“Lepper is well-rounded, big and experienced. He holds wins over guys like Manny Fernandez and Justin Daley. Plus, he hits hard.”

Prediction: Lepper wins by TKO in the first round.

JR Cuevas (2-2) vs Codi Burkitt (0-0)

“Cuevas has far more experience and hometown advantage on top of that.”

Prediction: Cuevas wins by unanimous decision.

Brandon Labrecque (2-2) vs Raphael Ouellet (1-1)

“With Labrecque having double the fights of Ouellet and having fougth tougher competition, his experience in this fight takes it.”

Prediction: Labrecque wins by TKO in the third round.

Josh Chow (0-1) vs Niko Chan (1-1)

“After losing a tough split decision in his amateur debut, Chow is hungry for a win.”

Prediction: Chow wins by submission in the second round.

Sina Maani (0-0) vs Rodrigo Rosales (0-0)

“This one is a toss up. It’s the first fight both of them.”

Prediction: Rosales wins by unanimous decision.