Predictions: BFL 67

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Jett Grande
Photo by Joel Griffith

For BFL 67, Jett Grande (15-1 amateur) has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the 13 MMA bouts on the card.

Grande is coming off one of the most impressive amateur MMA careers in Canadian history, with his lone loss coming due to a shoulder injury. Perhaps his most impressive accolade was becoming the 2018 IMMAF world champion at welterweight.

Here are Grande’s predictions for BFL 67:

Caio Machado (4-1-1) vs. Christian Larsen (5-1): PRO Heavyweight Title Bout** MACHADO FIGHT PREVIEWLARSEN FIGHT PREVIEW

“This is an excellent fight! Whoever wins, I doubt it goes the distance. Machado seems to have greater agility and speed, but Larsen’s punching power seems next level. I think he will take the belt home.”

Prediction: Larsen wins via TKO in the first round.

Dejan Kajic (12-7-2) vs. Kyran Cameron (5-0): PRO 175-pound Title Bout** KAJIC FIGHT PREVIEWCAMERON FIGHT PREVIEW

“Cameron’s last win was truly impressive, but I think Kajic has the experience advantage and has heavy hands combined with the ability to push the pace.”

Prediction: Kajic wins via TKO in the third round.

Zack Powell (4-0) vs. Dario Sinagoga (4-0): PRO Lightweight

“This is a really competitive fight, I think. Powell might have a slight grappling advantage, but Sinagoga’s ability to push the pace is impressive. Sinagoga most recently fought and his striking looked improved, so I’m giving him the slight edge.”

Prediction: Sinagoga wins via unanimous decision.

Ivan Hryshchuk (1-0) vs. Gordon Cunningham (0-0): PRO Middleweight

“Hryshchuk’s striking looked very high-level in his last fight. With all his wins coming in the first round, I favour him in this matchup.”

Prediction: Hryshchuk wins via TKO in the first round.

Justin Doege (2-2) vs. Anton Tokarchuk (4-3-1): PRO 225 pounds

“Even though Tokarchuk is more experienced, I think Doege wins this fight by being the more explosive athlete and able to cover distance and get inside the pocket. Also, Doege is coming off a competitive fight with the BFL champ, so he has slightly more momentum on his side.”

Prediction: Doege wins via unanimous decision.

Gio Platon (1-0) vs. Matt Hovorka (1-1): PRO Bantamweight

“Platon looked sharp in his pro debut. I think he wins again in the first or second round.”

Prediction: Platon wins via TKO in the first round.

Taylor Christopher (1-0) vs. Abderrahmane Haddad (0-0): PRO Featherweight

“Christopher has been on quite a roll lately. Eight-fight winning streak including his amateur career, while Haddad is making his MMA debut, but does have some kickboxing fights. Christopher should have the advantage.”

Prediction: Christopher wins via submission in the first round.

Nicolas Ouellet (0-0) vs. Kevin Bastien Popowick (0-1): PRO 150 pounds

“Ouellet is a solid Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, and even though Popowick has a bit of an experience edge and has decent stand up, I think the fight is bound to go to the ground eventually and that’s when Ouellet will take advantage.”

Prediction: Ouellet wins via submission in the second round.

Jonathan Broad (0-0) vs. Dylan Schellenberg (0-0): PRO 165 pounds

“Broad looks well-rounded but Schellenberg has put his time in the amateur circuit and has really solid grappling and submission skills. I think he gets it done.”

Prediction: Schellenberg wins via submission in the second round.

John Nguyen (2-1) vs. Mike McAloon (3-2): PRO Featherweight

“Another great matchup. John has quite the amateur background and great striking. If he can keep this on the feet, he has a great chance of winning.”

Prediction: Nguyen wins via TKO in the second round.

Bryce Gougeon (1-2) vs. Stuart Deleurme (1-3): PRO 175 pounds

“Both men have quite a bit experience including their amateur fights, and are better than what their record says. I think this is a really competitive matchup as well. It’s anyone’s fight, but I’m siding with Gougeon.”

Prediction: Gougeon wins via unanimous decision.

Maria Demers (0-0) vs. Jackie Maclean (0-0): PRO Women’s Bantamweight

“Both women are making their pro debut, and after facing each other in their last fight. Now they are having a rematch after a competitive fight. It seemed like Demers had the striking advantage, and Maclean came in with a wrestling-heavy game plan. Demers won before by unanimous decision and I expect her to do so again. But it comes down to who has improved the most on their time off.”

Prediction: Demers wins via unanimous decision.

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