Predictions: BTC 10

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

Jared Feuring
Photo by Joel Griffith

For BTC 10, Jared Feuring (1-2) has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the 11 MMA bouts on the card.

Feuring was last in action at XFFC 18 where he fell to Damian Johnston via unanimous decision. Prior to that, he earned his first professional win via rear-naked choke at Rumble in the Cage 55. Follow Feuring on social media here: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM

Here are Feuring’s predictions for BTC 10:

Lucas Neufeld (5-1) vs. Josh Kwiatkowski (5-2): PRO Featherweight NEUFELD PREVIEWKWIATKOWSKI PREVIEW

“Both men are finishers with the majority of Kwiatkowski’s wins coming by strikes, and the majority of Neufeld’s finishes being submission. Although in this day and age we can assume they’ll mix things up and be reasonably strong everywhere, on paper, this does look like a striker vs. grappler fight (which I love). The biggest edge I have to give is that Kwiatkowski fought this year already, while Neufeld has spent a year on the shelf. Prior to that year, Neufeld was on a real hot streak. He had a lot of momentum behind his name. Tough fight to call, but I think it’s a worthy main event.”

Prediction: Neufeld wins via submission.

Jake Macdonald (3-1) vs. Xavier Nash (4-4): PRO Lightweight MACDONALD PREVIEWNASH PREVIEW

“Nash fought as recently as last year, while Macdonald hasn’t fought since 2014 where he suffered his lone defeat against Hakeem Dawodu (whose since gone on to be a real prospect in the UFC). So, in terms of cage comfort, I have to give the edge to Nash, without question. He’s been out there competing. Even still, I’m going to go with Macdonald. Despite the long layoff, he had what was shaping up to be a real impressive career budding. I think he’ll regain those lost steps.”

Prediction: Macdonald wins via TKO.

Dorian Dokaj (0-0) vs. Geran Buckner (0-0): PRO 190 pounds

“So, what I think we need to look at here is that Buckner has two stoppages, so we know he has finishing ability. Also, Buckner is a Tristar product while Dokaj is an Xtreme Couture Toronto product. Both solid teams. So, despite not having much to go on, I will say this is a good matchup to keep eyes on as both guys have yet to taste defeat and come from well-established camps. I’m going to lean towards Buckner solely on the fact that he has two stoppage victories and I’ll pick him to get a third stoppage. That said, this is really a coin flip pick.”

Prediction: Buckner wins via submission.

Nick LeBlanc (0-0) vs. Forrest Ayers (0-0): PRO Featherweight

“Leblanc is a savage. He actually fought one of my teammates right before I had to fight on the same card, so I know first hand that he’s very quick and dangerous, standing and on the ground. However, Ayers also is coming off his own stellar amateur career of 6-1. Both men have a mixture of stoppage and decision wins, so we know they’re both capable of finishing the bout at any time or fighting the full frame. I give Leblanc the edge if it stays standing, and the odds are a lot more even if it hits the mats.”

Prediction: Leblanc wins via TKO.

Maria Djukic (0-0) vs. Jo Maisonneuve (0-1): PRO Women’s 130 pounds

“It’s easy to underestimate someone whose coming into a bout at 0-1, but that could be a huge mistake for Djukic if she isn’t well prepared. I speak from experience when I say that first pro bout carries so much more tension and pressure, so even though Maisonneuve lost her first bout, she’s more than likely got those pro debut nerves out of her system. That being said, Djukic comes from Toshido, a great team that I, and my own teammates, have had the pleasure of competing against. And if they have a singular trademark, it’s that they do great preparation for their athletes and ensure well-roundedness. Maisonneuve has done more than a few grappling matches, and that could, again, help give her the edge in just pure competition experience.”

Prediction: Maisonneuve wins via unanimous decision.

Izzudeen Atmeh (0-0) vs. Jake Geauvreau (0-0): PRO Bantamweight

“When fighters are making their professional debuts it can be hard to research them unless they’ve had a really storied amateur career. Unfortunately, here, this is not the case. I was able to find some grappling footage from Geauvreau that was very slick, and a little bit of footage on Atmeh. Of the two, I thought the skill looked reasonably high for both, so this should be a fun matchup. But of what I was able to find, I was more impressed with the grappling of Geauvreau.”

Prediction: Geauvreau wins via submission.

Konstantin Gaivoronskii (0-0) vs. Luke Roberts (0-0): PRO Lightweight

“Although Gaivoronskii has the MMA competition edge, and will almost be a hometown favourite, I’m giving the edge to Roberts. Why? Wrestling. Roberts has a large wrestling career in his past and has proven that he can translate it to MMA, winning his amateur fight by first round rear-naked choke. Gaivoronskii has proven in his amateur fights he can go the distance and I think he’ll be tough to finish.”

Prediction: Roberts wins via unanimous decision.

Isaiah Metituk (0-1) vs. Broderick Rene (0-0): PRO Featherweight

“Metituk and Rene both had pretty deep amateur careers at 6-4 and 6-7 respectively. If we look at the quality of those wins and losses, we can see that Rene is prepared to go out on his shield. Of his 13 amateur fights, only two of those wins or losses were the result of decisions. Meanwhile, Metituk has a few decisions and a large handful of submissions. Metituk also lost his pro debut via a doctor’s stoppage due to cut, which makes it very hard to go on, while Rene is making the leap to professional. I think Metituk will be the safer of the two fighters and try to pick his moments.”

Prediction: Metituk wins via unanimous decision.

Tyler VanKill (0-0) vs. Davis Rapagna (0-0): PRO 165 pounds

“Vankill has won every fight he’s been in by submission. Rapagna has had a single amateur bout that he won via strikes. If I was Rapagna, I would be training submission and wrestling defence as a major, major priority. In fact, Vankill had a grappling match with Jason Church, whose a very legitimate black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Vankill submitted him with a buggy choke. I remember this when it happened because it was such a weird, rare submission. I just feel like Vankill will be way too much for Rapagna.”

Prediction: VanKill wins via submission.

Derrick Laing (0-0) vs. Mac Laursen (0-0): PRO Middleweight

“It’s not good to just look at two records and pick a winner because often times there’s more to the story. But, on paper, this looks like it should be a blowout for Laing. As an amateur he went 4-1, and all four of those wins came by way of stoppage. Four wins and four stoppages? That’s impressive. Like I said though, it’s not good to count out Laursen who had his own amateur career of 4-3. Of his four wins, he had two submission victories of his own. Also a good pedigree. I think the ‘X Factor’ here is found in Laursen’s amateur losses. All three of his losses came by stoppage, two by submission and one by KO/TKO, so he’s definitely someone that can be put in compromising positions.”

Prediction: Laing wins via submission.

Dylan McIlvenny (0-0) vs. Paul Fisher (0-1): PRO Featherweight

“All of McIlvenny’s previous victories as an amateur came via decision, while Fisher has had a singular professional match that ended by doctor’s stoppage due to a cut. As an amateur Fisher went 3-1 with two of those victories coming by way of KO/TKO and his lone loss by rear-naked choke. Their records are pretty even and when we look at the competition they faced, even those opponents were pretty even in terms of wins and losses. An evenly matched opening fight that could go in either direction, but I feel Fisher will be pressuring a little harder to erase that cut stoppage loss from his mind.”

Prediction: Fisher wins via TKO.

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