Predictions: BFL 75

Battlefield Fight League returns for the final time in 2022 with BFL 75 and a whopping 15 MMA bouts on the card. Unfortunately, the original co-main event between Navid Zanganeh and Dario Sinagoga was cancelled following weigh-ins after Sinagoga missed weight by nearly 10 pounds.

Here are my picks for all the MMA action tomorrow night:

Caio Machado (6-1-1) vs. Edison Lopes (11-7): PRO Heavyweight Title Bout**

This feels like a layup fight for Machado to defend his BFL heavyweight title once again. Lopes has plenty of experience, but at 44 years old he certainly shouldn’t pose much of a threat to Machado. I think the champ puts this one away early.

Prediction: Machado wins via knockout.

Matt Dwyer (11-8) vs. Christophe Vandijck (9-5): PRO Interim Middleweight Title Bout**

Interesting matchup here as both fighters are true veterans of the game but have also not been very active over the past few years. Dwyer is coming in having lost four in row and hasn’t looked like the same fighter during this stretch. I’d love to see Dwyer get back in the win column here, but I’m riding with Vandijck.

Prediction: Vandijck wins via decision.

Saeid Mirzaei (3-1-1) vs. Hamza Salim (6-5): PRO Middleweight

Mirzaei remains one of Canada’s top prospects, despite coming off an unfortunate loss due to injury. While Salim does have plenty of high-level experience, I don’t see him being able to hang with Mirzaei anywhere.

Prediction: Mirzaei wins via submission.

Mitch Strazzella (2-0) vs. Austin Russell (3-1): PRO Bantamweight

This might be fight of the night right here. Although Russell is coming off his first loss, it was to the current BFL bantamweight champion, so no shame in that. I imagine these two are just going to duke it out on the feet for three rounds in what should be a close one.

Prediction: Strazzella wins via decision.

Gagan Gill (4-2) vs. Ryan Rohovich (5-4): PRO Lightweight

After a couple tough losses, Gill appeared to have righted the ship last time out, and looked very good in doing so. I think Gill has Rohovich covered everywhere in his fight and I expect he finds the finish as well.

Prediction: Gill wins via TKO.

Blake Sigvaldason (3-3) vs. Oguzhan Yalcin (2-1): PRO Bantamweight

It’s never a secret what Yalcin is going to do in the cage, so the only question is can Sigvaldason stop it? Yalcin will be bringing the takedowns full throttle and while I do think Sigvaldason will have success on the feet, I don’t think it’ll be enough.

Prediction: Yalcin wins via decision.

Keanan Kellar (2-2) vs. Keanan Patershuk (1-0): PRO Middleweight

I think people are going to be very surprised in this one. Since he’s yet to fight in Canada, people aren’t too familiar with Patershuk, but they will be soon. I think the power and speed of Patershuk will be the difference-maker.

Prediction: Patershuk wins via knockout.

Daniel Abdenour (2-0) vs. Nelson Spreeuw (0-2): AMATEUR Lightweight Title Bout**

Striker vs. grappler in this one. As long as Abdenour can avoid the ground, he should roll here.

Prediction: Abdenour wins via TKO.

Flint Radatzke (2-4) vs. Brett Jackson (2-1): AMATEUR Lightweight

Radatzke picked up his first win since 2016 his last time out at BFL 72, so his confidence should be running high. While Radatzke is undoubtedly tough, I think Jackson is the more well-rounded fighter.

Prediction: Jackson wins via decision.

Melvin Panganiban (2-0) vs. Elia Faragalla (0-0): AMATEUR Featherweight

Faragalla is making his debut here, so it’s tough to know what to expect from him. What we do know of Panaganiban, though, is he’s got some serious knockout power.

Prediction: Panganiban wins via knockout.

Dillon Foerster (1-0) vs. Mykl Drabiuk (0-0): AMATEUR Lightweight

Drabiuk is making his debut here, so he’s a wildcard. While the experience edge is not that significant for Foerster, it’s enough for me to side with him.

Prediction: Foerster wins via TKO.

Cannon Tass (1-1) vs. Lycidas Allen Crow (0-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

Another debutant here in Crow, so there’s plenty of unknowns on that side. I will roll with Tass.

Prediction: Tass wins via TKO.

Mulife Muchali (1-0) vs. Kamal Gadzhialiev (0-0): AMATEUR Welterweight

It’s essentially coin flips from here on out with the amount of debuting fighters. Muchali has already experienced that walk to the cage, so I’ll side with him.

Prediction: Muchali wins via TKO.

Kenny Lee (0-0) vs. Brandon Briglio (0-0): AMATEUR 130 pounds

Both fighters making their debuts, so flip a coin.

Prediction: Briglio wins via decision.

Maurice Dacquel (0-0) vs. Quinn Meldrum (0-0): AMATEUR Bantamweight

Flip a coin.

Prediction: Meldrum wins via decision.