Predictions: Havoc FC 13

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

For Havoc FC 13, Connor Krebs has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the 10 MMA bouts on the card.

Krebs currently holds an amateur MMA record of 2-1, with his most recent victory coming over Evan Piercey at Rumble in the Cage 57. Training out of Kensei Martial Arts in Red Deer, Alta., Krebs is very familiar with the local MMA scene. You can see him in the cage next at XFFC 20 in Grande Prairie when he takes on Isaiah Metituk.

Here are Krebs’ predictions for Havoc FC 13:

Devon Neis (5-5) vs Josh Heinz (4-2): Fight Preview

“Neis hits hard and he’s willing to take one to give one. I think this one ends early. Heinz has ended all his wins in the first round and has stopped two fights with spinning back fists, dating back to his amateur days. So, I’m not just picking the round, I’m calling my shot on this one. Neis’ aggressive style will fall right into Heinz’s game plan and allow him to use his favourite technique.

Prediction: Heinz defeats Neis by knockout in the first round.

Corey Gower (6-6) vs Rick Pfeifer (5-5): Fight Preview

“All of Pfeifer’s wins have come by submission and Gower has shown that he is susceptible to being submitted, thus I believe Pfeifer will come through for his hometown crowd and catch Gower with a submission.”

Prediction: Pfeifer defeats Gower by submission in the first round.

Chris Chapman (2-1) vs Justin Schmit (4-8): Fight Preview

“I’ve seen what what Chapman can do. I’m curious how he’s going to perform going from being a big guy in a smaller division to a smaller guy in a big division. But at the end of the day, I think he gets it done. Schmit has been knocked out twice before by head kicks and I’ve seen Chapman hurt guys with head kicks with my own eyes.”

Prediction: Chapman defeats Schmit by unanimous decision. 

Ryan Williams (0-0) vs John Nguyen (1-0)

“Williams is a black belt from Arashi Do, and from what I’m told, he’s really good on the ground. Unfortunately, Nguyen has been much more active over the last three years, racking up 10 fights, including a first round knockout in September. This is a tough fight for Williams and a fight I will definitely have my eye on for selfish reasons. I’m pulling for Williams and I imagine he takes a close decision.”

Prediction: Williams defeats Nguyen by unanimous decision.

Ronnie Oar (0-4) vs Brad Robinson (1-5)

“Robinson is the only one who has shown the ability to win a fight thus far, and so I think Oar drops his fifth consecutive fight.”

Prediction: Robinson defeats Oar by submission in the first round.

Patrick LeBlanc (0-5) vs Sean Carroll (0-1)

“I’ve seen LeBlanc fight multiple times and though a couple could have gone his way, I think he showed up too late to the game. Carroll is a beast. He wants to be called Sinister, but this kid is a savage. He’s mean, he hits hard, he’s tall, he’s lengthy, he knows how to use it, and he’s obsessed with this game. When I want to talk fights, I call Carroll. If I want to get in a fight, I call Carroll. If I have to get ready for a fight, I call Carroll.”

Prediction: Carroll wins by knockout in the first round.

Travis Grayson (0-1) vs Leo Bonin (0-0)

“Grayson has been training and competing longer and his experience will carry him to victory in this one.”

Prediction: Grayson defeats Bonin by unanimous decision.

Reese Ruberry (0-0) vs Grady Behrens (0-0)

“Ruberry’s Facebook profile picture shows him being out of shape. I think Behrens breaks Reese to pieces. See what I did there?”

Prediction: Behrens defeats Ruberry by TKO in the second round.

Garrett Noonan (0-0) vs Jesus Ricko (0-0)

Although it’s hard to find anything on Ricko, I have the utmost confidence that Noonan walks away successful in his debut. This guy is one of the hardest workers in the room. He works out two, three, sometimes four times in a day. He’s an animal. I’ve never seen anyone pick up fighting like he has.”

Prediction: Noonan defeats Ricko by TKO in the third round.

Mike Ngo (0-1) vs Mike LeBlanc (1-1)

“Ngo is a really underrated grappler who will no doubt look to take this fight to the ground when he stands across the technical southpaw Leblanc, who has an underrated ground game of his own. But it’s on his feet where LeBlanc really shines, and that’s where I see him getting it done early.”

Prediction: LeBlanc defeats Ngo by knockout in the first round.