Predictions: Unified MMA 33

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

For Unified MMA 33, Randy Mahon has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the ten MMA bouts on the card.

Mahon holds a professional MMA record of 3-4, and currently lives and trains in Grande Prairie, Alta. Mahon has recently announced he’s making the move to featherweight, after previously competing at lightweight and welterweight. He’s expected to enter the cage next at XFFC 19 in August.

Here are Mahon’s predictions for Unified MMA 33:

Teddy Ash (10-3) vs Jacob “Kobe” Ortiz (16-6): Fight Preview

“Both guys are super aggressive and love to stand and trade, but I just think it’s Ash’s time. He’s come so far in the last little while.”

Prediction: Ash wins by knockout in the second round.

Shane Campbell (15-6) vs Stephen Beaumont (9-2): Fight Preview

“Rematches are always interesting. Since their last meeting, Campbell’s been far more active and fought higher caliber guys.”

Prediction: Campbell wins by knockout in the third round.

Neal Anderson (6-3) vs Behrang Yousefi (8-6): Fight Preview

“If Yousefi shows up to fight, I think Anderson could be in for a long night. But if he shows up just to put on a show, it could be a long night for him.”

Prediction: Anderson wins by split decision.

Derek Boyle (13-11) vs Pat Pytlik (5-0)

“I think this is Pytlik’s toughest test to date, especially with Boyle’s experience. In the end, I think Boyle’s experience and the level of competition he’s fought in his career will be too much for Pytlik in this one.”

Prediction: Boyle wins by submission in the third round.

Garret Nybakken (11-9) vs Jeremy Henry (5-6)

“Henry hasn’t been too active in the last five years, while Nybakken has just fought higher level guys for a longer period of time.”

Prediction: Nybakken wins by submission in the first round.

Chris Larsen (2-1) vs Lee Mein (9-13)

“Mein has years and years of experience, while Larsen has a ton of big guys to train with. I don’t think it’s going to see the end of the first round.”

Prediction: Mein wins by TKO in the first round.

Roger Alves (3-1) vs Corey Atkinson (4-7)

“Both guys are good fighters, but Alves is one of the best pure wrestlers in the game, especially in the regional scene. I just don’t think Atkinson will be able to stop it.”

Prediction: Alves wins by TKO in the second round.

Cody Sinclair (1-1) vs Sebastian Fodor (0-0)

“This is another fight with not a lot of experience, and will probably come down to who’s been training harder and taking it more seriously.”

Prediction: Fodor wins by submission in the third round.

Usman Khattak (2-1) vs Tyrell Giselbrecht (0-0)

“I think it’s a classic grappler matchup; wrestler vs jiu-jitsu. Khattak is a very good wrestler, but Legends Training Centre creates jiu-jitsu monsters.”

Prediction: Giselbrecht wins by unanimous decision.

Logan Heavyshields (1-1) vs Tim Haracsi (0-0)

“Both guys don’t have a lot of experience, so this will probably come down to who’s been taking it more seriously.”

Prediction: Haracsi wins by first round TKO.

Matthew Klute (0-1) vs Garron Rinkel (0-0)

“Klute’s lone loss came to Colton Cronkite a couple years back, but I assume he’s still been training because he’s dropped a couple weight classes for this.”

Prediction: Klute wins by unanimous decision.