Predictions: Unified MMA 34

Each event, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

For Unified MMA 34, Cody Krahn and Isaiah Metituk have stepped in to provide their predictions and analysis for the 11 MMA bouts on the card.

Krahn owns a professional MMA record of 16-13, including wins over tough opponents such as Nick Campbell and Clay Davidson. Most recently, Krahn took on Michael Hill at XFFC 17, but dropped a unanimous decision in what turned out to be fight of the night.

Metituk holds an amateur record of 4-3, after recently falling to Albaraa Atmeh at XFFC 19 for the amateur featherweight title. Prior to the loss, Metituk had run off four-straight wins, and will now look to begin another streak, starting with a matchup with Connor Krebs at XFFC 20 in December.

Here are Krahn’s and Metituk’s predictions for Unified MMA 34:

Teddy Ash (11-3) vs Seth Baczynski (21-9): Fight Preview

“Ash has made all the necessary sacrifices to train with the best guys that he can. Ash is on his way up, and Baczynski is on his way out. Ash has the heart, the chin and the hands to go five rounds. if he has to. I can see this being a very tough fight for Ash because Baczynski’s still no joke.” – Krahn

Prediction: Ash wins by TKO in the fourth or fifth round.

Pat Pytlik (6-0) vs Vyron Phillips (7-4-1): Fight Preview

“This is the first time Pytlik is facing someone with this high level of grappling, which may present some challenges to him. Pytlik trains with an awesome team and has been able to improve immensely from every fight he’s been in. Even if it goes to the ground, I think Pytlik will have the tools to either fight off his back long enough to get back up, or stuff the takedown.” – Krahn

Prediction: Pytlik wins by knockout in the fourth round.

Ryan Ford (22-5) vs Matthew Delanoit (27-14, 1 NC) **Cancelled**

Kolton Menzak (5-4, 1 NC) vs Neal Anderson (7-3)

“Anderson has been a stud and has fought some really tough guys, and has done pretty well for himself.” – Krahn

Prediction: Anderson wins by knockout in the first round.

Behrang Yousefi (8-7) vs Justin Nanaquawetung (5-5) **Cancelled**

Cam Macdonald (1-1) vs Nick Hrabec (5-4)

“Hrabec has more options to win this fight, so he’s more likely to win this fight, but there’s always that puncher’s chance with Macdonald. He hits hard and is really aggressive, which has presented problems for Hrabec in the past.” – Krahn

Prediction: Hrabec wins by unanimous decision.

Matthew Klute (1-1) vs Marcos Cromwell (1-0)

“Both of these guys are legit. I think this is going to be a good battle on the ground, and we should see some high-level jiu-jitsu.” – Metituk

Klute wins by submission in the third round.

Robert Kovacevic (1-0) vs Malcolm Tisdale (1-1)

“Both guys are relatively inexperienced, and sometimes that can lead to fireworks. Kovacevic trains with Jarid Bussemakers, and I see that paying off in the end, having the better training partners.” – Metituk

Prediction: Kovacevic wins by TKO in the second round.

Sambath Khun (3-4) vs Peter Janssen (1-2)

“This is the fight I’m most excited about out of all the amateur bouts. They’re both very talented amateur, but I think Khun’s experience is going to pay off here.” – Metituk

Prediction: Khun wins by unanimous decision.

Tyrell Giselbrecht (1-0) vs James Rice (0-0)

“In his first fight, Giselbrecht submitted Usman Khattak, who’s a legit fighter from a legit gym (Dynamic MMA). Rice has never fought before, and I think Giselbrecht will be a tough guy to make his debut against.” – Metituk

Prediction: Giselbrecht wins by submission in the first round.

Harley King (1-1) vs Isaiah Bean (1-0)

“King looked very good his last fight and comes from a legit gym. He showed he can bounce back from adversity in his last fight when he got tagged early, but came back and got the submission. These are two guys who I think can make some noise in the amateur 125-pound division.” – Metituk

Prediction: King wins by split decision.