Predictions: XFFC 17

Each event going forward, there will be a “guest predictor” who will offer their insight into the event and provide their predictions for each MMA bout.

For XFFC 17, Alex Martinez has stepped in to provide his predictions and analysis for the 11 MMA bouts on the card Friday night, a card in which his father, Luis Martinez, will compete on.

Martinez is a skillful, young prospect from Grande Prairie, and holds a professional MMA record of 4-0, after going an impressive 15-4 as an amateur. In his most recent bout, Martinez earned a hard fought unanimous decision win over a tough opponent in Adam Wayne at Modern FC 1.

Here are Martinez’s predictions for XFFC 17:

Cody Krahn (16-12) vs Michael Hill (9-4-1): Fight Preview

“They’re both tough guys, but Hill is well known for going the distance in grinding fights. He’s a typical grinder, and has a lot of heart when he fights. I just don’t see Krahn keeping up.”

Prediction: Hill wins by unanimous decision.

Randy Mahon (3-3) vs Nick Hrabec (4-4): Fight Preview

“This is a clash of styles, and I think whoever has the most heart will take it. I think Mahon is going to grind Hrabec out, and a lot of that has to do with wrestling.”

Prediction: Mahon wins by unanimous decision.

Kyle Francotti (1-0) vs Steve MacDonald (0-0)

“Francotti just loves to grapple and wrestle. He’s been there with bigger and stronger opponents. Francotti’s going to take it to the ground, and I don’t think MacDonald is going to quit, so it’ll end up being referee stoppage.”

Prediction: Francotti wins by TKO, referee stoppage, in the first round.

Luis Martinez (0-1) vs Kevin Kellerman (1-2)

“A lot of this matchup has to do with size difference, striking difference, and strength difference. I’ve been around this sport for too long to not understand what’s going to happen here.”

Prediction: Martinez wins by TKO in the second round.

Todd Vatcher (4-2) vs Riley Pequin (4-2): Fight Preview

“This is a good one. They’re both tough guys and they both just love to strike. I truly believe there will be a knockout here.”

Prediction: Pequin wins by TKO in the first round.

Justin Knoepfli (4-2) vs Adam Rhys Williams (0-0)

“Knoepfli is a whole other animal. He trains his heart out.”

Prediction: Knoepfli wins by TKO in the second round.

Isaiah Metituk (3-2) vs Dakota Ruttan (1-0): Fight Preview

“Ruttan likes to keep the fight standing, and if it goes all the way there’s always a chance he could pull something out. But if the fight goes to the ground at any point, I’m confident Metituk will take the fight by submission.”

Prediction: Metituk wins by submission in the second round.

Grey Patino (5-9) vs Austin Russell (3-0)

“Patino has no quit; you have to knock him out or pretty much wreck him to finish him. I think Patino will take this one, just by experience.”

Prediction: Patino wins by split decision.

Brock Holmes (1-2) vs Ryan O’Connor (1-2)

“This is a good matchup; both of their experience is good. Holmes trains a lot. I always see him going to the gym, and he’s always posting about training.”

Prediction: Holmes wins by unanimous decision.

Joe Westbrook (1-2) vs Jesse Bull (1-3)

“I think Bull’s going to come in there and put on a fight, and same thing with Westbrook. But I think Westbrook has the kickboxing and stand-up a little more down pat.”

Prediction: Westbrook wins by unanimous decision.

Nasser Pega (0-1) vs Danny Amberson (0-0)

“They’re both brand new, just jumping on it, and normally fighters just starting have that fire in them, and go all the way.”

Prediction: Pega wins by unanimous decision.