Boldt Motivated For Hometown Main Event With Mahon at Modern FC 3

For the first time in his career, Jesse Boldt will compete in the main event slot in his hometown.

Saskatoon’s own Boldt (2-2) will welcome Grande Prairie’s Randy Mahon (4-4) into the ring Friday night for a lightweight bout at Modern FC 3 in Saskatoon, SK.

Throughout training camp, Boldt, 30, said fighting in the main event in his hometown has been a big motivating factor for him.

“It’s really kind of fuelled the fire and made sure I’m extremely prepared to put on a good show and get the W,” said Boldt in an interview.

“It’s been kind of cool just having that in the back of my mind and has given me the little extra added push in my training sessions.”

Although it’s been three and a half years since Boldt’s last fight, he hasn’t stopped training in that time.

Boldt said he’s not one of those fighters that wants to fight four times a year, but still enjoys training every day and stepping in the cage when he has the desire to.

“I’m one of those guys that’s always at the gym year-round; I don’t take time off. But every now and then I’ll get an itch to fight and if I feel like testing myself and getting back in there, which is right now,” said Boldt.

“There was no real big reason why I took the time off. I was definitely in the grind, but just wasn’t competing.”

Fuelled by his passion for training and the sport of MMA in general, Boldt made a big lifestyle change just over one year ago.

He sold his house and moved into a van that he now calls home, which has allowed him the freedom to be around the gym as much as possible.

“I owned a house for nine years and ended up just really falling in love with training at Modern Martial Arts and teaching, so I just wanted more of it,” said Boldt.

“I sold everything I owned, moved into a van, and here we are getting ready for a fight.”

Cage Time in Mahon’s Favour

In the time Boldt spent on the sidelines, Mahon, 34, has been very active, fighting seven times in that span.

Mahon said his activity in the cage opposed to Boldt’s inactivity is something that will play a significant factor come fight night.

Randy Mahon
Randy Mahon works his ground and pound on Marc Savoie at XFFC 19. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“There’s a different when you’re inside there that you just don’t get unless you are inside there,” said Mahon in an interview.

“I definitely think I’m going to have the edge just dealing with the pressure, and the stress your body feels being in there.”

Throughout his career, Mahon has shown his ability to finish fights both on the ground and on the feet, with one finish through striking and three by submission.

And although he started out his career as more of a striker, Mahon considers his grappling to be his strength now, and also the area he feels he’ll hold the biggest edge over Boldt.

“Even though I came into this sport as a striker, I had to adapt and kind of went all in on grappling the last four years,” said Mahon.

“I think that grinding, dirty boxing, wrestling-style fight will be where I have the advantage for sure.”

With this fight being in the main event slot, Mahon has his sights set on revenge after his last main event contest.

Mahon took on Tom O’Connor in the main event of XFFC 16, a fight he would go on to lose via submission just 44 seconds into the fight.

Now heading into his second main event fight of his career, Mahon is excited to have the opportunity to prove he can perform to the best of his abilities on that stage.

“It definitely feels good considering the last time I was in a main event I completely choked and shut down,” said Mahon.

“It’s a little bit of redemption for me to show I can perform under that pressure where in the past I’ve failed.”

Boldt’s Shoutouts

“I’d like to thank my coaches Kurt Southern, Adam Lorenz, Tyson Steele, and Duane Peters. I’d also like to say a big thank you to all my sponsors.” Follow Boldt on social media: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM

Mahon’s Shoutouts

“I definitely want to thank family, teammates, coaches, and everyone who stayed behind me after the injury I sustained.” Follow Mahon on social media: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM

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