Claudia Baril looking to keep her record clean at CFFC 88

Acton Vale, QC’s Claudia Baril (1-0) will look to keep the hot start to her MMA career rolling when she squares off with fellow unbeaten Criszaida Adames (2-0) in a women’s strawweight bout at CFFC 88 in Philadelphia, Pa. on Wednesday night.

Against a proven strong grappler in Adames, Baril, 25, said she will look to keep things standing and use her kickboxing experience to her advantage on fight night.

Claudia Baril
Claudia Baril weighs in for her bout at Prospect FC 13. (Photo by Jose Castillo/Prospect FC)

“I know she has a lot of energy, and she’s well-rounded,” Baril said in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I don’t want to say too much, but, when it comes to striking, I need to control the range and use a lot of footwork. I need to make sure she can’t close the distance. Of course, I would like to finish her on the feet, if there’s a chance.”

Riding high off a third round submission finish in her professional debut, Baril said she’s always looking for ways to improve.

“Training camp was not too bad,” Baril said.

“I’ve been able to do private classes with my coaches. It hasn’t really been a challenge, I just stay motivated and I know what I need to work on for this fight. My coaches always know what I need to get better at, so I feel prepared.”

For Baril, she said the goal was always to become an MMA fighter, and while she’s made a name for herself as a striker, she’s not afraid if things go to the mat. 

“When I first started training, it was for MMA,” Baril said.

“Then, I got offered a boxing match and kickboxing matches, so I took those fights before turning pro as an MMA fighter. Of course, I prefer striking, but I also love ground and pound. I love being on the top.”

No fans, no difference for Baril

Fights without fans in attendance have become the new normal, but whether the seats are filled or not, Baril said it doesn’t affect her performance or attitude. 

Claudia Baril
Claudia Baril lands a leg kick on Melissa Karagianis in their bout at Prospect FC 13. (Photo by Jose Castillo/Prospect FC)

“I don’t really notice they are there,” Baril said.

“It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I’m shy, so I don’t care if there’s a few people or a big audience. It doesn’t matter for me.”

Instead, fans will be tuning in across the globe to catch the action on UFC Fight Pass, and Baril knows it’s a great opportunity for exposure as an up -and-coming fighter.

“It feels good, it’s really amazing,” Baril said.

“I’m lucky to be able to do this sport right now, and I just want to show people that you gotta work hard for what you want. I want people to be motivated by that.” 

In a battle between top prospects, someone will have to leave the CFFC cage with their first career loss. The only thing guaranteed on fight night is an exciting matchup between two great fighters.

“I think I have a bit more experience in striking than her, and she probably has more experience in grappling and wrestling,” Baril said.

“So, we’ll see who has the better game-plan and who is the best fighter at the end.”

Baril’s Shoutouts

“I’d like to thank all of my coaches, and my sponsor LEONE.” Follow Baril on social media: INSTAGRAM