Corinne Laframboise believes ground game will be too much for Elin Oberg at UAE Warriors 22

Coming off a big upset win her last time out, Corinne Laframboise returns to the UAE Warriors cage.

Canada’s Laframboise (6-4) tests skills with Sweden’s Elin Oberg (3-1) at UAE Warriors 22 on Saturday. This women’s flyweight fight transpires from Jiu-Jitsu Arena in Abu Dhabi.

Laframboise is coming off an impressive win over Malin Hermansson at UAE Warriors 18, which was also the most recent opponent of Oberg in a split decision win.

“I watched the last fight against her and Malin Hermansson. It was a war. Malin is more from boxing and Elin Oberg is more muay thai. She kicks in combinations, elbows, knees, so I expect her to want to play on her foot. She doesn’t want to go on the ground or what I thought. She got a better skill than what I saw for the ground. I feel comfortable on the ground, I feel comfortable at wrestling, my level of striking is much better than it was. I evolve every time, every fight,” said Laframboise in an interview with MMA Empire.

“If she wants to play standup, we’re going to play standup. But my favourite part is to go on the ground, so that’s going to be my goal. And let’s see, but if she wants to play the standup game, I will be ready. That’s what they do the last time against Malin Hermansson. Malin bring her on the ground to catch her, catch her back a couple of times and then kind of dominated on the wrestling part, so it was an interesting fight. But, with all humility, I think I can show a better side of myself for this fight. It’s going to be an interesting fight.”

After competing primarily in Canada for the majority of her career, Laframboise’s last three bouts have been inside the UAE Warriors cage.

She said she’s glad to be back competing for them once again and appreciates the quality of competition they provide on a regular basis.

“To go back here with UAE,  it’s an amazing organization. It’s going to be like the fourth fight that I’m going to do over there; I can’t wait to be back in Abu Dhabi. This organization is amazing, they start to continue to do shows during the pandemic, so even if everywhere, even if it’s closed, or we don’t have any opportunity. Not a lot in Canada where it’s more complicated to go to travel. But they didn’t stop to continue to do amazing shows,” said Laframboise.

“I’m really spoiled to be back here. And the choice of the opponent is always representative of the quality of the organization. I feel really happy to sign a contract with them and go back in Abu Dhabi with UAE Warriors.”

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