Dejan Kajic believes BFL 67 title defence is make or break for his MMA career

Dejan Kajic
Dejan Kajic receives the welterweight title at BFL 61. (Credit: Nelson Yeo/MMA Sucka)

BFL 67 is a Canadian showcase for talent on the regional scene.

The BFL welterweight title will be on the line as Vancouver, B.C.’s Dejan Kajic (12-7-2) defends against an undefeated prospect in Toronto, Ont.’s Kyran Cameron (5-0) on Friday night in Vancouver, B.C.

Kajic, 36, is currently on a four-fight stoppage win streak, and is looking to make it five in a row and finally earn his shot on the big stage.

“This was the toughest year for me, emotionally, physically and financially,” Kajic told MMA Empire.

“A year and a half of hard work though, a year-plus of working on myself. This last year has been the hardest training, I haven’t taken a day off in this last year and a half, even though I haven’t fought.”

Kajic is one of the top prospects in the Canadian region, one of the most well-known and well-respected fighters in the country.

Kajic believes this is one of, if not the last big chance for him to elevate to the big stage, wherever that might be.

“This is make or break,” Kajic told MMA Empire.

“I lose, maybe I retire, maybe I keep fighting on my own terms. This is essentially my last big shot to make it. I’m not getting any younger; I fight like this is the last chance. I love the pressure of fighting like that, I’ve been fighting like that this whole winning streak. Whether ONE, PFL, UFC or anything else is next, this is the shot to make.”

Throughout his winning streak dating back to 2018, Kajic said he’s been fighting like a loss means the end.

That pressure is a plus for the champion.

“This has been my mentality for the last several fights,” Kajic said.

“I don’t have three years to climb the ranks. If I lose, I need to weigh all the options. I love the pressure, this is the way I want to fight. I know the reality of the situation, a loss could mean the end. It has been this same way for several fights. Pressure is on to keep winning and prove I still belong on top.”

Kajic went through a lot in the last few years, but one thing that has remained is the goal to get to the next level, the goal to become one of the best in the world.

The champ believes he is better than his opponent, and that all eyes will be back on him following this one.

“It is always give it your all, and whatever happens happens,” Kajic stated.

“I’m better than this guy. He has beat a lot of guys I thought were better than him so he has my respect. His mentality is to find a way to win; he makes good decisions. In a fight like this, one moment can change a fight. It could be going my way all fight then you are waking up trying to find out what happened.”

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