Estremadura Envisions Quick Finish, Lattimer Eager For Five-Round War at BFL 65

One way or another, the crowd is going to be on their feet for this one.

Vancouver’s own Achilles Estremadura (5-0) will look to defend his BFL lightweight title for the second time when he meets Idaho’s Kerry Lattimer (14-26) at BFL 65 in Vancouver, B.C. on Saturday night.

With three of his five professional victories coming by knockout, Estremadura, 27, is no stranger to keeping his fights out of the judges hands, which he said is exactly what he expects to do again on Saturday night.

Achilles Estremadura
Achilles Estremadura lands a stiff left hand on Carson Frei at BFL 63. (Photo by Nelson Yeo/MMA Sucka)

“With my pace and sharpness of my hands, I feel like I can end it in the first round,” said Estremadura in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I’m not the guy to make specific predictions like that, but I’m not sure he’s fought anyone as sharp as me. I predict I’m going to end it in the early rounds.”

Lattimer, 34, is also no stranger to finishing fights, with his four most recent wins coming by way of submission.

And while they both do pose the threat of finishing the other, Lattimer said he’s hoping this contest turns into an all out five-round war.

“I’d actually like to have another five-round fight and go to a decision,” said Lattimer in an interview with MMA Empire.

“In my head, I think the best way this can go is we beat the holy s**t out of each other, and the judges have a hard time deciding who won. I think that’s the best case scenario.”

Family is Everything

Once again, Estremadura will be competing on the BFL stage in front droves of family and friends, just as he’s done throughout is entire professional and amateur career so far.

At this stage of his career, Estremadura said being able to fight in front of the people that matter most to him means a lot.

“I really do like fighting in front of the people that matter to me. Having the people that matter to me there kind of gives you that feeling of you can’t lose,” said Estremadura.

“These are also the people I really want to showcase my skills to. Obviously, I want other fighters and organizations to see too, but the people that watched me do this growing up, I want them to know I’m still evolving and getting better.”

With his age, undefeated record, and knack for finishing fights in highlight reel fashion, Estremadura checks every box for the jump to the big stage.

Already training with multiple UFC fighters at Checkmat Vancouver on a daily basis, Estremadura believes he’s ready for the big show, and hopes this fight could be his ticket.

“I really believe I’m ready to be there. I’m with guys who are fighting on the UFC roster, and we train together hard and take rounds from each other,” said Estremadura.

“I feel like I’m ready, I know my city wants to see me there, and my team’s ready to see me there. I’m really just doing what I can right now to take each fight and doing what I can to show I’m ready.”

Lattimer a True Fighter

Lattimer will enter the cage Saturday night having already fought in 2020, while also having fought an astonishing nine times in 2019.

At this stage of his career, Lattimer said he just enjoys fighting and wants to fight as much as possibly can.

“I like it this way. I’m getting older and you only live once. I’d fight every month if I could,” said Lattimer.

“I feel I got lucky last year to get as many fights as I did, but I just consider myself lucky and blessed, and just hope these bigger fights keep rolling in.”

Lattimer has been involved in two title fights in his career, winning the SteelFist featherweight title back in 2014, and falling in TSC lightweight title action early in 2019.

With it now being nearly six years since he last had a belt wrapped around his waist, Lattimer said leaving Vancouver with the belt on Saturday would mean the world to him.

“At this point of my career, it would mean everything. I’m getting older and fighting all these young bucks now,” said Lattimer.

“Opportunities like this don’t come around too often, and I’d sure love to bring that BFL Canadian belt back to America.”

Estremadura’s Shoutouts

“I’d like to thank the whole Checkmat Vancouver team, anyone that’s helped me prepare for this fight, and all my sponsors.” Follow Estremadura on social media: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM

Lattimer’s Shoutouts

“I always like to thank my wife and kids, and my coaches and team at Mandrill Academy.” Follow Lattimer on social media: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM

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