Estremadura, Machado call for big show opportunities after title defences, Sinagoga impresses again at BFL 66

If you’re a fan of first round finishes, BFL 66 did not disappoint last night.

The eight-fight card was Battlefield Fight League’s first event back since the start of the pandemic, as well as their first event exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.

In the main event, Achilles Estremadura (now 7-0) remained undefeated and defended his BFL lightweight title for the fourth time, knocking out Curtis Demarce (now 18-16) in the first round.

Estremadura now boasts four knockouts on his record, and proved once again why his speed, power and timing are not to be messed with.

“I felt like the first combo I threw I felt good pressure, I felt he didn’t like it,” said Estremadura in his post-fight interview.

“When he was going back, I was like his hands were high, I think he’s afraid of getting touched up on the head, so I’m like I’ll bring it down to the body, looked to go there with a kick, heard him wheezing a bit, so I’m like I’m just going to f**king go in for this finish.”

On this past season of Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS), Estremadura was originally in line to compete for a shot at a UFC contract.

And while a crack on this upcoming season of DWCS is very much also in the cards, Estremadura said he’s ready to make the immediate jump to the UFC.

“You guys have been seeing me doing this here for 11 years, I carry Vancouver on my back, I’d like to make it up to the big stage,” said Estremadura.

“UFC, if you take me, you have the whole city of Vancouver behind me, so let’s go. Dana White, UFC, call me up.”

Machado wants more

In the co-main event, Caio Machado (now 4-1-1) defended his BFL heavyweight title for the first time, finishing the legendary Lee Mein (now 11-15) via first round TKO.

Although only six fights into his professional career, Machado said he believes there are no challenges left for him on the regional scene and wants his opportunity on the big stage.

“I feel like I’ve already fought all the toughest fighters here in Canada. Everyone who’s ahead of me right now is just because they have a little more experience. I don’t feel I have anymore competition on this level. I’m ready to take the big guys, I’m ready for the big show. I did my time here, I fought big wars here,” said Machado in an interview with MMA Empire.

“Watching those heavyweights in the UFC, I can take most of them. I’m ready for that competition. If those guys are there, why am I not?”

Machado has fought his entire six-fight career in the heavyweight division, but has always been on the lower end in size for the weight class.

In the event he doesn’t get the call from the UFC, DWCS, or another big promotion, Machado said he’d like to take a shot at becoming a double champion for BFL.

“If I’m staying here, I have another two fights with BFL, I want to go to 205. I want to become double champion and get the second strap,” said Machado.

“I think light heavyweight is going to be my future. I think I’m an average heavyweight size, but I will be a huge light heavyweight.”

Sinagoga proves his power

Dario Sinagoga (now 4-0) took a major step up in competition, and proved well worthy of the test, finishing Craig Shintani (now 9-4) via first round TKO.

Although happy with the quick night at the office, Sinagoga said that wasn’t how he envisioned the fight playing out.

“I’m shocked and still trying to digest it, but I’m also not surprised,” said Sinagoga in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to put him away so soon because I was expecting a bit of a brawl, I was expecting a good, solid two or three rounds of being able to wear him down. I just put the nail in the coffin quick and got the job done.”

Following this win, Sinagoga, in all likelihood, would be one of the frontrunners for the next crack at Estremadura, provided the lightweight champion isn’t signed to the UFC or DWCS in the near future.

And while he would accept a fight with Estremadura under the right circumstances, Sinagoga said there are bigger focuses for he and his team right now.

“Even though it was a short fight, I spent some time on my back and against the cage. There’s a lot of stuff to work on, and my coach wasn’t happy I found myself in that situation. We’re not really thinking too much about the opportunities we have next; we’re just more focusing on making sure my game is patched up so nothing like that happens again,” said Sinagoga.

“It’s really up to the promoters and what the fans want to see. If they give me an opportunity to fight for the title, I’ll definitely consider it. Achilles is a good test for me and I feel like I’m ready for him, but unless the price is right, I’m not going to step in there with him.”

In other action on the evening, Kyran Cameron, Ali Wasuk, Gio Platon, Ivan Hryshchuk and Indroop Virk all walked out victorious.

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