Jessy Miele ‘doesn’t want a decision’ in upcoming battle with Sarah Kaufman at BTC 13

Jessy Miele
Credit: Bellator MMA

After a long year off for the Bellator MMA featherweight contender, New England’s Jessy Miele (9-5) is jumping for joy to find herself in a fight week, only a few days away from entering the cage.

Miele will fight MMA pioneer, and former UFC fighter, Sarah Kaufman (21-5) in the BTC 13 main event on Saturday night.

“I’m just excited to be getting an opportunity,” Miele told MMA Empire.

“There is nothing like fight week, the excitement and anxiousness to get in the cage. I have a lot to showcase to my fans, to my team and to myself.”

After fighting some of the top competition worldwide in the featherweight division, Miele has never backed down from tough challenges.

She feels, after another decision loss, that the judges won’t be necessary in this one. She said her striking has reached a whole new level.

“I don’t want a decision,” Miele stated.

“I’m done losing close decisions. I’ve worked very hard to up my game this past year. In between injuries, I’ve been improving outside of the cage. I feel my striking has reached a whole new level, it’ll be a new version of myself in that cage.”

Miele, 36, believes that you won’t be able to recognize this version of herself, compared to the version that just dropped two unanimous decision losses.

The current number nine-ranked featherweight in Bellator MMA is making her debut under the BTC banner. Although fighting under a new banner, Miele is still part of the Bellator roster.

“I’m still with Bellator. The matchmaking wasn’t working, and because of circumstances we couldn’t get a fight in the Bellator cage. My management made a deal with Scott Coker to allow me to get a fight in until I can get back in the Bellator cage,” said Miele.

Miele meets former UFC, Invicta and Strikeforce veteran Kaufman. Kaufman has been inactive since 2019, thus making it two years since her last battle in the cage.

But Miele feels the two years off won’t stagnate the offensive output of the former UFC challenger.

“She’s someone special in this sport,” Miele said.

“A win over her would mean a lot for my career and moving forward. The time off won’t affect her much, I’m sure she has been training like crazy. I believe it’ll be a top version of Kaufman this weekend.”

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