Odorski, Saunders Set for Welterweight Showdown at Rumble in the Cage 61

Joel Odorski (2-0) is aiming to pick up his second win in under six weeks when he battles American Gage ‘Nature Boy’ Saunders (3-1) at Rumble in the Cage 61 in Lethbridge, Alta. on Friday night.

The Canadian Martial Arts Centre (CMC) product competed just last month, picking up a win over Josh Mackenzie at Unified MMA 36, and looks to keep the ball rolling in Lethbridge.

Joel Odorski
Joel Odorski in action against Josh Mackenzie at Unified MMA 36. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“I’ve had a good training camp and I’m ready to go,” Odorski said.

Odorksi said the few minor injuries he had from his last bout in March are all healed up and he’s glad he got that one out of the way leading into his fight on Friday.

“It was a tough fight, but I’m glad I got that one under my belt,” Odorski said.

“I feel really good. I had a few injuries from the last one but they’ve all healed up.”

Odorski said he knows his American opponent, Saunders, has a lot of experience and believes it’s going to be another great test for him.

“He’s good all around, so it looks like it will be another good test for me.”

As for the fight, Odorski believes his grappling will be key, but he said he’s ready for whatever presents itself when the cage door closes.

“The ground and cage wrestling is where I feel my strength is, but if we have to stand for three rounds then that’s what we’re ready to do too,” Odorski said.

Saunders Eyeing a Stoppage Against Odorski

Across the cage from Odorski on Friday night will be the gritty Saunders.

With an extensive amateur background and four professional boxing bouts under his belt, Saunders is as experienced as they come. And he’s looking to use that experience to overwhelm Odorski come fight night.

Gage Saunders
Gage Saunders in the cage for his professional debut at Fight Force: Great Falls Rumble. (Photo by Cody Thompson/Fight Force)

“We can grapple, we can strike. We’re ready wherever the fight goes. That pressure will break his heart. And at some point he’s not going to want to be in there,” Saunders said.

The 26-year-old Montana native said he sees his opponent as more of a grappler and he doesn’t believe he’s going to see anything new to him in this fight.

“I’ve fought lots of grapplers. I fought the NAIA All-American in my second pro fight. Fighting a grappler is nothing new.”

‘Nature Boy’ is typically a lightweight, but has even competed as low as featherweight in the past. And with this fight being contested at welterweight, he said it’s just a matter of changing up his diet in training camp to perform at his best come Friday night.

“We go up in weight, fight 185 pounds or 170 pounds. When that happens, we just make an adjustment and change our diet up,” Saunders said.

Saunders mentioned he spent a year training at The Lab in Arizona and currently trains at Montana Mixed Martial Arts in Bozeman, MT., and he said he’s ready for whatever come fight night.

“He seems like a great dude, but this seems like more of a hobby for him. I’ll stop him by the second round. I won’t be happy unless I knock him out.”

Odorski’s Shoutouts

“I would like to thank Libertine Tattoo, Stratus Electrical and Instrumentation, Lee Mein, Derek Boyle and everyone else who trains with me at CMC.”

Saunders’ Shoutouts

“My coach Brian Deats and my team at Montana MMA of Bozeman.”

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