Josh Kwiatkowski confident his game plan will break the will of John Nguyen at BFL 68

Josh Kwiatkowski
Josh Kwiatkowski in the cage at BTC 10. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

One of Canada’s most entertaining prospects is back at it this week when Vancouver, B.C.’s Josh Kwiatkowski (5-3) takes on John Nguyen (2-2) in a featherweight bout at BFL 68 on Thursday night.

Kwiatkowski, 27, was on a four-fight win streak before recently losing a razor close decision to fellow top prospect Lucas Neufeld in what was a fantastic main event at BTC 10.

Kwiatkowski said he feels he has made the necessary adjustments to bounce back in this next matchup.

“That fight was an awesome test against a super tough guy,” Kwiatkowski said in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I’ve never watched a fight back more than I have that one with Lucas, just studying it and seeing things I want to do better and do differently. I was meticulous with my coaches on things we wanted to improve throughout camp. For me, it’s all about learning how to go with the flow and when the lights are on, having the utmost faith that all the hard work I’ve put in will pay off.”

So far the hard work has paid off for the crowd-pleasing Kwiatkowski who’s made a name for himself on the regional scene by consistently putting on great fights.

Some fighters make it a conscious effort to have an entertaining scrap but for Kwiatkowski he said it’s just who he is.

“It’s just natural, I can’t even be in a boring sparring match,” Kwiatkowski said.

“Sometimes it can be a fault and I just have to be aware that I don’t have to force it. I just have to go in there and fight and my natural fight pace is a lot for people to handle. I need to pick and choose when to explode and exploit my opponents when they’re hurt. That’s one thing I didn’t do well in my last fight. But it’s a learning experience, I’m constantly trying to get better at this sport and each fight I do.”

The improvements Kwiatkowski has shown from fight to fight can be directly attributed to the team he has around him.

Kwiatkowski is confident in his ability anywhere inside the cage and has high praise for his striking coach Dan Golkar and jiu jitsu coach Shawn Albrecht who he teamed up with a few years back.

“Immediately, Dan and I clicked and I was able to rifle off some knockouts,” Kwiatkowski explained.

“And on the mat Shawn has been putting in constant work with me and I know I don’t get to show it often, but he’s made my overall grappling so much better and it’s just a matter of time before I start sneaking out a bunch of submissions as well.”

Kwiatkowski’s confident he’ll get the job done, but said his opponent on Thursday is no slouch.

Nguyen is an experienced striker with a kickboxing background. He’s been mixing it up with Canada’s best for years now and that’s something Kwiatkowski has a lot of respect for.

“He’s good. He has a beautiful right hand, he has great counter striking, he’s got diversity in both of his legs and he has head kick knockouts on his resume,” Kwiatkowski said.

“He’s a dangerous striker and he’s been in the sport a very long time, like myself, and he’s been consistent. He’s fought the best of the best going back to amateur, and he doesn’t shy away from anyone. In every facet, he’s a dangerous fight and I’m aware of what he brings to the table, but me and my team have made a game plan to nullify that and take him out and destroy him. That’s all I want to do.”

Kwiatkowski is usually the one to push the pace and land the power shots on the feet.

Once again on fight night he’ll be looking to make a statement and break down Nguyen anyway he can.

“I have faith that the majority of people I fight, if I hit them correctly, I’ll be able to knock them out. It’s just the power that I have,” Kwiatkowski explained.

“If it’s my blow vs. his, I know that the quit in his heart is going to come out before mine does because nobody has been able to make me do that. I pride myself in being in there to kill or be killed and when it comes down to it I think I’m going to have more willpower than John.”

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