Youngsters Doege, Richardson, Metituk Prevail at XFFC 20

It was all about the up-and-comers at XFFC 20.

In the main event, Justin Doege (now 2-0) became the new XFFC heavyweight champion after stopping Craig Hudson (now 5-7) by TKO, strikes, in the first round.

Doege, 25, said it feels amazing to have the belt around his waist, and that it truly represents all the hard word he’s put in.

Justin Doege
Justin Doege receives the heavyweight title after defeating Craig Hudson at XFFC 20. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“I trained my ass off for this. Me, Steve Mac Donald, and Matt Dwyer were just killing it in camp,” said Doege in an interview.

“Everything just paid off in the end.”

Despite Hudson’s strength being his stand-up, Doege said he would’ve liked to have stayed standing more than he did.

But Doege said he knew he’d have a big advantage taking it to the mat, and knew it was the smart decision to take it there and finish the fight.

“Any heavyweight in Canada is going to be uncomfortable with me on the ground,” said Doege.

“My wrestling is probably the best part of my game, but I’m well-rounded everywhere.”

Richardson Impresses

Thomas Richardson (now 6-1) was equally as dominant in his first round TKO victory over Conrad Krzysztan (now 3-4), finishing the fight with devastating ground and pound.

Richardson, 24, said although he’s thrilled to have added another finish to his resume, he would’ve liked to have had more time in the cage.

Thomas Richardson
Thomas Richardson gets his hand raised after defeating Conrad Krzysztan at XFFC 20. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“I like a little bit more of a fight. I trained for a month and a half, and cut my weight down for a guy like that to step in,” said Richardson in an interview.

“I definitely respect him for taking the fight, but a lot of these guys don’t know what they’re walking into. I’ll keep knocking them down if they want to keep coming.”

The victory marks Richardson’s third-straight inside the cage, as well as third-straight finish.

He said he’s looking to get back in the cage as soon as possible, and believes anyone that gets put in front of him will suffer the same disappointment as Krzysztan.

“If something comes up in January or early February, send it my way,” said Richardson.

“As far as an opponent, I don’t really care.”

Metituk Silences Krebs

In the most talked about amateur bout on the card, Isaiah Metituk (now 5-3) put an end to the war of words between he and Connor Krebs (now 2-2) with a slick first round guillotine choke to seal the deal.

Metituk, 22, had two first round submission victories coming into this fight, and said it’s not a part of his game opponents want to tangle with.

Isaiah Metituk
Isaiah Metituk sinks in the winning guillotine choke on Connor Krebs at XFFC 20. (Photo by Joel Griffith)

“It went exactly how I figured it would go,” said Metituk in an interview.

“That’s the area I’m most confident in. Once I get ahold of your neck, you are going to sleep, and all you other featherweights better remember that.”

Coming into this bout, there was no shortage of trash talk between Metituk and Krebs, with both fighters confident in their ability to finish the other.

In the end, Metituk said his celebration in the cage was certainly emotional, but he has nothing but respect for Krebs post-fight.

“After you fight somebody in a cage and go to war with each other, your respect level goes up for that person,” said Metituk.

“We squashed it, we’re all good, and it’s onto the next.”