Kajic, Estremadura, Platon, Berry Leave BFL 63 as Champions

It was a good night for the hometown boys at BFL 63 in Coquitlam, B.C.

In the main event, Dejan Kajic (now 12-7-2, 1 NC) successfully defended his BFL 175-pound title, scoring a nasty first round TKO victory over Ricardo Centeno (now 8-5), busting him up badly in the process.

The victory marks Kajic’s fourth straight, all by way of knockout, and he said he’s ready to take the next step in his career.

Dejan Kajic
Dejan Kajic lands a head to Dominique Smith in their bout at BFL 59. (Photo by Nelson Yeo/MMA Sucka)

“I want the big shows, man. Give me a phone call,” said Kajic in his in-cage interview.

“Number one in Canada by far. Every single fight I go and KO guys in the first round; I find openings. This guy was as legit as it gets, so it truly is hard guys.”

In the co-main event, and a much longer co-main event than most were expecting, Achilles Estremadura (now 5-0) remained undefeated while successfully defending his BFL lightweight title with a unanimous decision over a tough Carson Frei (now 8-4).

Estremadura said he was impressed with the toughness of Frei and his ability to go five hard rounds without backing up.

Much like Kajic, Estremadura also said he believes he’s ready to move onto the big show and start cashing bigger cheques.

“Things are different for me now; I have a daughter and I’m doing this for my daughter,” said Estremadura in his in-cage interview.

“I want to see some real money for doing this now, so I’m hoping to go to the big show. I’m ready.”

In a matchup for the BFL amateur featherweight title, Gwyn Berry (now 7-2) delivered the knockout of the night in his rematch with Dakota Angel (now 3-2), landing a sound head kick early in the third round to seal the deal.

Berry said it wasn’t a specific move he was waiting for the opportunity to use, but just one of the many weapons he has in his arsenal.

“I have so many tools that I train. In the locker room we were training inside low kick, body, then up high with the question mark kick,” said Berry in an interview.

“I’ve landed it a few times in training, and I was confident doing it.”

That’s now three straight wins for Berry, while also bringing his amateur fights to a total of nine.

Berry has now won three amateur titles and shared the cage with some of the best in B.C. and he said although he needs to talk it over with his coaches first, his professional debut is the likely next move.

Gwyn Berry
Gwyn Berry throws a right hand in the first meeting with Dakota Angel at BFL 61. (Photo by Nelson Yeo/MMA Sucka)

“I have to talk to my coaches still and see what they say, but the plan was to go pro,” said Berry.

Gio Platon also successfully defended his amateur bantamweight title, knocking out Donavin Morris early in the first round, while Taran Bir collected his second kickboxing title of his career.

Kirk Tse, Ali Wasuk, Oguzhan Yalćin, Mani El-Hefnawy, Samuel Ramsay, Jonathan Broad, Scott Erikson, Kaylan Rae, Farid Aminuddin, and Robyn Dunne were other winners on the night.

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