Ramil Kamilov, Olivier Poisson, Adam Sproule among those victorious at MFL 18

Montreal Fight League continued its run as the only active Canadian promotion since March on Saturday night, and the action didn’t disappoint.

MFL 18 featured 19 total bouts, a mix of MMA, muay thai, and kickboxing, and took place in Montreal, QC with no crowd in attendance.

Ramil Kamilov (now 6-3) made the trip from Calgary, Alta. to take on Duncan Henry (now 6-7) in an amateur welterweight bout, where he was successful in securing a third round TKO finish after dominating the first two rounds.

In spite of having a point deducted for illegal hammer fists, Kamilov was successful in securing takedowns and controlling the fight on the ground the first two rounds, and continued that trend in the third round, while also securing the finish.

Ramil Kamilov
Ramil Kamilov awaits the official decision at MFL 18.

“I really wanted that first round finish, but I didn’t listen to their rules meeting. I was sort of sleeping in the corner, so I didn’t know hammer fists weren’t allowed,” said Kamilov in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I was happy with my aggression and decently happy with my grappling, but I wasn’t really happy with my striking. I think I was too wild and too tense, but after a 10-month layoff I think that’s why.”

Following the fight, Kamilov made an Instagram post calling out the current MFL lightweight champion, Tylor Freeman, who responded with his intentions of turning professional for his next fight.

Kamilov said it doesn’t matter who the opponent is or which promotion the fight takes place in, he just wants to win titles.

“I’d like a 155 strap from them (MFL). I just want to collect as many belts as I can in amateur. I want to win Pan-Ams, I want to win Nationals, I want to get a BFL strap if I can, and Rumble in the Cage.”

Poisson remains perfect

Olivier Poisson (now 5-0) may have also put himself in position for a title shot next time around as he made quick work of Keith Henhawk (now 2-7), sinking in a rear-naked choke less than one minute into the contest.

Poisson said the fight went exactly as he expected it to, and he was able to take advantage of the early aggression of Henhawk.

Olivier Poisson celebrates his win at MFL 18.

“My game-plan was to close the distance, especially in a little ring like that. I move a lot normally, but in this little ring, that was not possible,” said Poisson in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I knew that my plan was to take him down and choke him.”

Poisson has amassed his 5-0 record in less than one year, displaying dominance in the ground game in each fight.

While a title shot could very well be next for Poisson, he said he’s open to whatever they have next for him, and will be ready for anything.

“If it’s the title shot, I will be ready and happy for sure. Otherwise, anyone, I will be ready,” said Poisson.

“I just like the vibe around the fight, so I will keep myself busy and I will keep training.”

Sproule back in the win column

Adam Sproule improved to 3-1 in his amateur career after a hard-fought unanimous decision win over James Cardinal-Lauzon (now 3-2).

Sproule was successful in keeping the longer and taller Cardinal-Lauzon in close quarters, and controlling him on the ground for a large part of the fight.

“The height and reach wasn’t an issue, but he was definitely a lot stronger than I had anticipated,” said Sproule in an interview with MMA Empire.

“I had read the article we did and he said he hoped I worked on my wrestling, so I wanted to show him that yeah, I had.”

After finding his way back into the win column for the first time since 2017, Sproule said he’s looking to keep the ball rolling.

“I’m ready for whatever presents itself next. Whether it’s MMA or muay thai, I’m open to anything.”

In other MMA action, Ekaterina Voronova, Nayimi Ferdaws, Abdel Rebai, Cody Chovancek, Alex Moher, Josh Martiniuk, Keyano Young, Steve Doxtator, and Matt Bednarek all left MFL 18 victorious.

Neil Touisi, Javad Mahjoub, Jay Morissette, Eric Bianchi, Andreane Parent, Morgane Pouliot, and Tacari Howe also triumphed in kickboxing and muay thai action.