KB Bhullar feels activity level has been key to improvements ahead of UAE Warriors 30 matchup with Juscelino Ferreira

KB Bhullar
KB Bhullar in action at Unified MMA 43. (Photo by Joel Griffith/MMA Empire)

“The Bengal” is set for another fight day in the desert.

Edmonton, Alta.’s KB Bhullar (11-3) will be aiming for his third win in a row when he faces Brazil’s Juscelino Ferreira (11-3) in a middleweight bout at UAE Warriors 30 in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

Bhullar, 30, has been looking to stay active and build the hype back up since his UFC departure in May of last year. A few more dominant performances could land him another opportunity on the sport’s biggest platform.

“This is my sixth fight in just over a year. Nobody else is doing that, nobody is staying this active,” Bhullar said in an interview with MMA Empire.

“When you’re consistent like this, each fight feels like a level up. I’m staying dedicated to my craft and making sure that every time I step in the cage I’m a little bit better. This sport is all I care about right now and that’s why I keep improving.”

It’ll be another trip to Abu Dhabi for the Shaved Bears product, Bhullar.

He’s cornered teammates and also competed for UAE Warriors back in Oct. 2021. Although that bout ended in a disqualification loss, it was a solid performance for Bhullar and in his mind it’s chalked up as a victory.

“I’ve been down there a few times now, helping corner Tanner (Boser) and fighting myself as well. It’s quite beautiful, it’s like a giant mega city in the middle of the desert,” Bhullar said.

“For me, I consider that fight a win. The record shows it as a DQ, but the way the fight was playing out he was tiring and losing energy while I was just waking up. If that knee would have landed a quarter of a second later it would have been a KO, but it ends up being a DQ. It is what it is.”

This will be the fourth appearance in the UAE Warriors cage for Bhullar’s opponent, Ferreira.

Coming off a first round knockout win followed by a first round TKO loss, the Brazilian is starting to gain a reputation for being quite the action fighter.

“He’s a good fighter. Seems like he likes to stand and throw hands, but he’ll mix it up too. I think he’s a black belt in jiu-jitsu,” Bhullar said.

“We’re both capable everywhere, so it has the makings for a good fight. I don’t have much thoughts about him. He’s just an opponent I’m going to be fighting that I have to put away and destroy.”

Ferreira has been all over the scales during his career with fights on his record at lightweight, light heavyweight and everything in between.

Bhullar, a natural middleweight, has spent most of his career at 185 pounds. With a 78″ reach, Bhullar has always found success at range in the striking department and he’ll look to continue that trend this weekend.

“If you look at the stand up, I feel I have an advantage there,” Bhullar said.

“Just look at our bodies; he’s 5’10” and I’m 6’4″. I have a huge frame for this weight class and I plan to utilize it. He might weigh a little bit more, but he’s going to be undersized when it comes to striking. I’m just going to exploit what he has to do. There’s certain things he’ll have to do to try and win and I’m going to capitalize on those opportunities. Fights are chaotic, though, and rarely go the way you plan, so I’m ready for anything.”

To help stay level-headed, Bhullar doesn’t want to look past this weekend’s opponent. Remaining active and stacking up wins are the only two things on his mind heading into his bout with Ferreira.

“I just want to keep fighting and keep getting better,” Bhullar explained.

“I want to maximize my potential and become the best version of KB Bhullar that I can be. That’s my mission and wherever that takes me that’s where I’ll go.”

In his most recent outing, Bhullar won a hard-fought decision over the extremely durable Strahinja Gavrilovic.

“That fight was a huge test of spirit and heart more than anything,” Bhullar said.

“When you have a fight where you hit a guy with everything you’ve got and they don’t go away it just tests you in a different way. In that fight, I had to stay steady on my approach and just keep smashing him. I couldn’t expect that one particular shot was going to put him away. I just had to stay on him the whole time. It was another good learning experience.”

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