Nicolas Ouellet feels Mateo Vogel is the perfect opponent for him at BFL 72

Powell River, B.C.’s Nicolas Ouellet (2-0) clashes with Ottawa, Ont.’s Mateo Vogel (5-2) for the BFL featherweight title at BFL 72. This fight transpires on April 28 from the Harbour Convention Centre in Vancouver, B.C. and will broadcast on UFC Fight Pass.

Having already been a champion for BFL in his amateur career, Ouellet, 25, will look to achieve the same feat in his professional career.

“Oh, it means a lot, man. Obviously, it’s surreal,” said Ouellet in an interview with MMA Empire.

“It’s a big opportunity and I’m just thankful, man. Just grateful to be in this position to fight for the BFL featherweight title. I’m excited to showcase my skills, man.”

Ouellet said he is focused on the task at hand as opposed to the bright lights of UFC Fight Pass or the grandeur of a title fight.

Ouellet’s thoughts on Vogel indicate a pronounced level of respect for the task at hand and wanting to embrace the high-risk fights for the high reward residuals.

“We all kind of analyze tape. I don’t watch too much tape because I’m not too worried about what he’s going to do. I’m more worried about what I want to do in there. But yeah, he’s dangerous, man. I like that he’s a really up-and-coming guy and really highly-touted grappling. He looked very sharp and that’s what I want,” said Ouellet.

“I want to fight the guys that are right up there in everybody’s minds so that when I do beat him, I’m taking that spot. I’m taking those dangerous fights and I think Mateo is the perfect opponent for me. I think he’s a grappler, I’m a grappler. But I have underrated striking and I’m excited to show it.”

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